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  1. Boss rex breeding help

    Once you lvl those rex to 25k hp and 500 dmg you will be ok. Breed 19 Rex like that and get a yuti. You will be able to take on the medium spider and monkey no problem. You also might get mutations when your breeding this can potentially raise your stats higher.
  2. Cave Mounts

    Check the wiki each cave has a decent list of what fits and what doesn't.
  3. Cave Mounts

    Wolves fit everywhere. And if you bring in multiple riders you can have mate and pack boost going. Barry fits in most caves and is probably better for the water sections.
  4. The Great TEK Wall, A Big TEK Problem.

    Just did gamma and beta brood for the first time last night. Two main players in the tribe with a third we can bring in when needed on PVE official. Yes it took some time to go out and find the rex's and breed them to combine all the good stats. Most of my time went to this. You can just go on the forums and buy 2 of those boss killer rex's and skip all the time i spent finding the rex's. With the x2 weekends you can easily raise 4-5 rexs and only log in every 6-7 hours to fill food. You could kill gamma with 8-10 of those super rex's easy. Rex's we used are born with 9.6hp and 350 melee so not super rex's by any means, also had a rider on Yuti for the buff. As others have said most people are scared to do the boss fights. I was. Really the broodmother was not that hard on beta or gamma. Havent done the other bosses yet to have any say about them. In regards to the tek items i could careless about 90% of it. Really its the generator and trough i am interested in. I dont want them to nerf the boss's to the point they are a cake walk, than there would not be that sense of accomplishment.
  5. Spend a weekend on rag server, you can find a lot of 150 birds. Check their stats on dodo dex. I look for stats that are +30 or higher befor I tame if I'm looking for a breeder.
  6. NA-PVE800 ScorchedEarth

    802 crapped out Saturday afternoon and never came back up. Can't wait till they add it to the next legacy cull list. How can a server maintain pop when it's offline.
  7. Griffin

    You need to dive bomb attack as stated. Once you get the hang of it the griff can kill quickly. I would say that argys are easier to kill other Dino's with. I use the griff as a scout or ride it if I want to tame something.
  8. Reward for all the beta testers all these years

    We got our servers not being wiped. That's better than any in game t-shirt I could ask for.
  9. Easiest Dino's to tame?

    Ovi second would be Microraptor. Or the dino's you should tame as new player: Trike / Ankylo Carno / Direbear/ Direwolf/ Low lvl Rex Argie / Petra
  10. Lost Character - Mega Thread

    I lost my lvl100 Sunday jumping from the island to SE. Selected bed to spawn, screen went white than new char selection popped up and I knew it was over. I dont feel much like waiting on w/c so I just made new chars on both servers. Losing all the imprints hurts. I just felt making a new char for each server I play on was the safer course of action.
  11. My dinos just dissapeared

    Nothing can be done.
  12. Best Way to kill Alpha Rexes?

    Does the spino no longer knock back the alphas? I haven't had a good spino since I quit playing primitive. I do remember using my spino to kill alpha Rex's and not taking any damage really.
  13. Dinos returning to base upon player death

    So, if your have a flyer that you want to use. Get on a different dino and whistle that flyer to follow the other dino. Now when you get off your chosen flying dino it will return to the dino in your base. Not the same thing but.. it will return to base maybe. I would rather know where i died and go rescue my dino, than hope that the dino is able to find its way home. This is really a non issue to me. You can change your own bindings in options move dismount over to R or something, eventually you will get used to it.
  14. Would need to be a cluster so players have access to the different maps.