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  1. On 11/17/2018 at 7:45 PM, BertNoobians said:

    i reported this balance issue on day 1, this needs to be nerfed.
    just run with high speed past turrets and unfreeze your tank/meatrun dino behind defenses. makes no sense.

    cryopod was meant to solve pve tamecap, not to make pvp stupid easy.

    So now the devs made something EXTREMELY useful for us pve players and you want a nerf? Pve has had to endure nerfs bc of PvP for over 2 years now. Sit back and take it. Now you understand what we have had to deal with

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  2. 1 hour ago, rayzr8 said:

    Why do console player have to pay the exact same amount and get treated like dirt? Still no conquest servers and a late release of extinction, great. And I will go further to ask if there will be any form compensation for the incompetence. 

    Hahaha I'm not surprised! Can't do it with the base game. Couldn't do it with scorched. Did they do it with Abb? Don't really know, that map is dead anyway. DEFINITELY couldn't do it with Rag.  What makes anyone think they could do it with their final release? Just par for the course for a sub par dev.

  3. 2 hours ago, AngrySaltire said:

    "On August 14th Extinction Chronicles III will be released on all platforms. As usual survivors can expect a new tek dino, new Explorer Notes, a new cosmetic, increased level cap, and special colored dinos on all ARKs!"

    Hoping for some pretty colours.

    Thanks.....answer was in the details....

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  4. 28 minutes ago, TheRealSnek said:

    This is just a minor suggestion, but can you make it so that doeds and megaloceros can gather berries.

    it would also be cool if you can add chalicotherium and Oviraptor to scorched earth. I feel they would fit in pretty well.


    this is a minor thing, but can you maybe make it so that you can form alliances with ORP on. It’s kinda annoying to not be able to do boss fights with non tribe members

    Doeds and megaloceros need to be able to gather berries. @Jatheish I remember Jeremy saying at one point he was going to put this into the game. 

    Also need to stop the x10 pooping of the doeds as well. Really bad if you are farming, getting attacked and it stops to poop or you are rolling along and boom, it stops to let it all out 3 times in a row

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  5. 1 hour ago, GraveBane said:

    between the 5 hours I had yesterday, and the time I got in last night and this morning I'm pushing close to 15 hours with out a crash on the xbox 1x (though it did freeze once during the server opening up and I had to force the game to shut down and try again). the game stutters and freezes alot less too. in the areas I would normally crash or freeze for a few seconds on the 1s I now get a slight stutter. game looks alot better too, though the broken stuff is a bit annoying. smash a rock with my doed and I'm covered in rock fragments that are way bigger then me on the doed that block my view.


    on my server where there is a line to get in starting not long after I get home from work, not getting booted every 20 mins is great. I now spend more time playing the game then watching the game try to log into the server.

    I would agree that the 1x makes it run better and look better too. Haven' gotten fuzzy graphics yet like I did on the original Xbox. Things do load faster and the gameplay much smoother. I'm not a technical person but I can tell you everything is a lot smoother. However, I do still get the lag issues all over the map and even more so when someone logs into their overly huge base with 300 thylas and 200 dodos. So it seems like a server side issue more than a client side. 

    Let me know if I'm WAY off on this. I'll stand corrected if I'm wrong. Like I said, not a technical person 

  6. Seems like this game has been optimized for the 1x consoles now. Too much memory going through with all the big bases, the 499 thylas everyone keeps but never uses and that 1 giga. I'm exadurating of course but ppl have way too much in such a small space. Too many dino tail wags and too many people building with hundreds of wall/ceiling pieces. Each has to render, and each takes up so much room. 

    Maybe if wc would take some of the structure pieces from other mods it might help. Like behemoth stone walls that count only as 1 piece, or a giant stone ceiling piece. Materials are irrelevant. The point is, too much going on with very little processing power behind it

  7. 46 minutes ago, ryans2451 said:

    I absolutely understand the frustration and believe me, I along with everyone else with this issue has been posting all over and I am now happy they have at least acknowledged it.  My post however was to point out that being negative right now is not going to help resolve the issue.  I am happy that many others are posting more as where the crashing/dashboarding occurs so hopefully we can get this issue rectified soon.  

    Problem is, if you have been around since day 1 of console, there has ALWAYS been crashing to dashboard issues. Always. And just now there is acknowledgement? Seems kind of like a laggy response time don' you think? More lag than the RAGLAG. 

    I'm in no way trying to be negative but when facts are facts, it' hard to dispute. 

  8. 21 minutes ago, Jat said:

    There have been a few posts regarding the release date and why some retailer sites are displaying a different date to what we initially announced. This is because We're currently working on getting the game through PlayStation 4 Certification at the moment (as all platforms will need to release simultaneously). As soon as we've got a definitive update to the release date, we'll let you know officially.

    Seriously? 2 years of waiting and we now have to wait for the ps4 cert ? 8.8 was the definitive date, and bc ps4 may/May not pass cert, the rest of the users have to wait?

    It's not a patience issue at this point....


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  9. 8 minutes ago, Xeno1987 said:

    I hope they do it same way Blizzard. If you want Quality you have to pay a lot. Also an auction house and character Transfer would be good for ark. Lets say character Transfer 50 or 100 euro without dino and every dino costs 50 again. This would also prevent raiders.

    I'd be fine paying 50 $ a year or so to get a pass. Not 15$ a month Like wow was back in the day....

    That 50 $ would get u any NEW content they release (official mods, new maps, etc). Bug fixes, optimizations and the like should still be free though

  10. 1 minute ago, Ekoby said:

    @BigRed1227 Perfectly put.

    Thank you. 

    And furthermore,  if you were to purchase an xb1 bundle pack, like gears 4, or whichever,  you could find the SAME THING at all retailers. Best buy offers the xb1 bundle in the same package, the same hardware/software as walmart. Skins and exclusives are a way for marketing departments to get sales at their stores. I see it as, we bought the game, we should get the same treatment. I'm not a fan of exclusives,  because all in all, it is the same base game with a little flare. Why can't pc get the rex skin? Why can't xb1 get the giga skin? Xb1 users can only purchase the base game from 1 place. Pc users can only get it from 1 place.

  11. Just now, ranger1presents said:

    I'm not seeing a "majority of posts" on this, just isolated opinions repeated many times by the same people to be honest.

    It's common practice in the gaming industry to give different exclusives to one platform or another depending on the release date on that platform.  The fact that people seem to want it so badly is actually great, as it means WC's promotion effort is having the desired effect.

    The desired effect? Causing even more discord between the users of different platforms? I don't see that as desired or wanted by many. Most people want some sort of harmony,  especially in a forum. Discussions and disagreements are going to happen but now, it's pitting players of different consoles against each other. 

    Take for instance "other  games". Gamestop gets exclusives for in game content for purchasing the game, not a console, from their store. Walmart and target, best buy and others do the same. It is geared towards the GAME, not an entire console. 

  12. 3 minutes ago, Ekoby said:

    @PikaSaurus You also seem to be making light of it being a cosmetic issue like that makes it somehow minor.

    Skins like this are a lot of the reason why people grind extreme endgame challenges in games, because it looks so good on their character. You can go play with your unreliable mods if you want, just because PC platform allows people to do that isnt a reason that in the official game, all platforms cant be equal.

    Agreed. All the skins should be available on ALL platforms. 

  13. Just now, PikaSaurus said:

    Not everyone can afford to just buy another system, especially just to play one game. I could, and I've been playing, so I understand Wildcard's decision to give a COSMETIC gift to those who couldn't

    And I understand this. I agree that not everyone can afford another console or hell, even a gaming computer but to say that they have had to wait a year just to play is not valid. They had to wait where as us pc and xb1 users had to endure everything else

  14. 1 minute ago, PikaSaurus said:

    You talk like I'm an exclusive ps4 player. I'm not. I've owned it since day 1 and have given tons of feedback. If YOU were a good community member, and not an immature grump, yuou would realize that their double waiting time is a reasonable cause for two skins

    They have had 2 other platforms to play the game on. If they wanted it that badly, then get a different platform.

  15. 1 minute ago, PikaSaurus said:

    Man, there are some lousy crybabies on here. Seriously guys, stop whining about not getting a skin. PS4 users have had to wait a full YEAR after Xbox One users got the chance to play at all, I think that earns them a skin. Not to mention all the limited time event skins that PS4 user s have had now way of getting. I already own it on the Xbox  one and PC, but I'm still definitely grabbing it on the ps4

    Then give them a rex skin. What about all the skins pc got that xbox hasn't yet? We had to wait a year to get bone skins. Logic.

  16. 3 minutes ago, ciabattaroll said:

    The power suit has been teased ages ago, and a forum member making use of the dev kit pointed out how the rex laser (erroneously thought of at the time as a giga laser) was in it. On top of what's been mentioned in previous digests, people have had inklings on what Tek Tier entailed. Hell, one of the digest questions answered was even addressing the jump pack capabilities of tek armor, namely how it would handle.

    I'm so so on this new content. Excited for the breeding stuff and the supposed improved feeding troughs. The underwater bases is something I'm concerned with. Can these be built right on top of deep sea loot crates? 

    And since the tek teir suit has been out in development,  I'm assuming that it should be FREE of any bugs/glitches right? 

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