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  1. BigRed1227

    Quick Question about Indy Grinder

    Grinder gives a quarter of the mats back. Demolishing gives half
  2. BigRed1227

    Quick Question about Indy Grinder

    I'm not sure you can grind them tbh. They are counted as a tame so it might be like chucking a lystro into the meat grinder? Get yourself a chem bench any way possible. Grab the mats and have someone make it for u. If you're pve, most ppl will help. Then start knocking out stacks and stacks of narcotics. Other way I have found to easily level is get on a giga and have someone aggro wyverns to you. Easily done on rag. Especially with the event and you are taking the broth, maybe an hours worth of work
  3. BigRed1227

    megatribes cheaters prosper!

    This. ^ This has to be the truest statement of the day
  4. BigRed1227

    Colour Mutations losing value now?

    Wild 150's with hard to get colors are nice. If anyone has any sort of knowledgeon breeding for a specific color knows how hard it is to get a certain color. Purple, orange, white and to some extent, pure black. Not that kinda grey black either, but true black. Most colors are cyan, magenta/pink, yellow green blue and red. But give me a full on purple or orange mutation and I'll give you my first born. Super rare colors are where the value is. Combine that with those god stats and you can get whatever you want. But it is kind of nice being able to pick up a rarer color in the wild for us who have a life outside of the game.
  5. BigRed1227

    Missed Opportunity Dinosaurs

    I tamed a heard of compies just to get the eggs. Once I get about 300, they will die by my spear Oh god, the moth! Forgot about that. Yea......only good for silk
  6. BigRed1227

    Missed Opportunity Dinosaurs

    Diplo is fast as all get out. For a midget Bronto, it can scoot if you level movement. We used to have diplo races on legacy. But 0 defense. Can nudge preditors off cliffs but that's it. Needs a tail whip or stomp ability to make it relevant. The meso, cute shoulder pet, can unlock basic wooden doors but that's it. Throws poop at attackers? I guess useful in PvP, but pve, no point. The scorpion, really only good for the eggs. U can't breed them. Sarco needs some more abilities. Ie. Tail whip and roll. Weak water mount but decent in speed. Trike is good as a starter dino, but definitely needs a charge+ impale attack. Maybe also a pack attack or defensive line attack, it would make it viable again. And then there is the parasour. Strictly a kibb dino now. Really nothing else useful about them. Decent mobility dino when you are a noob but is now out. Classed by the iguanadon. I'll add 2 more. The plesi and the megalodon Plesi is slow and really just derpy af. Hit box is terrible Megalodon really should be much bigger. As it stands now, it' about the size of a great white. No special attacks, no jump attacks or sprint attacks. Great whites swim deep then sprint up to grab prey, that's how they leap out of the water. 0 usefulness. Greatly outclassed by mosa and squid
  7. BigRed1227

    Missed Opportunity Dinosaurs

    Diplo, meso, scorp, sarco, trike, parasour,
  8. BigRed1227

    Spinosaurus Sail. instinct?

    The reason you arent seeing them is because people are building in their spawn zones. Along death river, surrounding swamp and down towards footpaw. If bases are built close to or on top of the spawns, forget it. You will not see them. Sorry about your luck if bases are there.
  9. On Xbox it' the right trigger. Pull it once.... On ps4, whatever the equivalent of right trigger is. R2 maybe?
  10. BigRed1227

    Game-breaking lag on ragnarok

    I agree. Tame cap is rediculous on a map the size of rag. 5500 for consoles. Don't know about pc. But, 70 players with 500 tame cap is 35k dinos. Math on wc part seems to be a bit off. We are at tame cap and can't breed so we are invading other servers to build a breeding base
  11. Also known as a form of synesthesia
  12. Yea, I thought so. So basically what he was saying is that bc the character from the dossier was calling another character a tangerine for having red hair, that it's a color thing. Kind of like how us red heads are called gingers. He wasn't necessarily calling black ppl poop. Just referring to the color of ones skin/hair. People (including you) have unwittingly associated colors with objects and in the realm of the characters in the dossier, that was the closest thing known to her/him that the character could describe the other as.
  13. BigRed1227

    megatribes cheaters prosper!

    However true this statement is, let's have an honest discussion. There have been MANY "fixes" which haven' been truly fixed or have completely messed up other parts of the game
  14. You took it out of context. Do u need a safe space?
  15. BigRed1227

    megatribes cheaters prosper!

    I'm pretty sure that the exploit was an under the map raiding ability. To this day you can see people doing it. I wonder if they put a kill grid on anything below a certain point. One of you "cheaters" go check it out.
  16. BigRed1227

    Mating System Solution: Pheromones

    Like the idea, but has anyone ever tried the whistle follow command? This would work for saddled dinos. I haven' tried it but mount 1 dino, spy glass the other and whistle follow. Turn both to follow distance low and wandering. Might have to keep them somewhat caged or in a building so they don't go to water or something but it's an idea? I'l try tonight
  17. BigRed1227

    Minigun Turret Sucks Now

    This is what happens when all kids get a trophy.....
  18. BigRed1227

    770.4 Update Xbox One

    Well my rag server had 2 rollbacks within 20 minutes of each other. Ping is horrific and the lag is real on this map. Seriously, wc moved to newer better machines, well these clearly arent working
  19. BigRed1227

    770.4 Update Xbox One

    Yup same here
  20. In the interest of time, and to save me some hassle of filtering through hundreds of threads to find the answer, I'd thought I'd just post this question Will deleting ark, then reinstalling it free up any hard drive space? And will it cause any issues? Basically I've played ark on xb1 since it came out. All the patches, updates etc takes up a lot of room on my old xb1. There are other games I'd like to play (yes I know, ark is life) and sometimes we need a break. So by uninstalling it, then reinstalling it to get rid of the older files should this free up any considerable amount of room? I don't play single player but im worried about my unlocks, gamer score, notes, etc. ANY insite would be greatly appreciated
  21. BigRed1227

    Deleting ark then reinstalling

    Appreciate the response but what about freeing up some hd space?
  22. BigRed1227

    Tek Cave

    And you have to beat this to get to play ragnarock or the center?
  23. BigRed1227

    ARK: State of the Game

    I Feel Like Yelling Like Serious Black! I've done my waiting!
  24. BigRed1227

    ARK: State of the Game

    Seriously? 2 years of waiting and we now have to wait for the ps4 cert ? 8.8 was the definitive date, and bc ps4 may/May not pass cert, the rest of the users have to wait? It's not a patience issue at this point....
  25. BigRed1227

    Can anyone explain the season pass to me?

    I'd be fine paying 50 $ a year or so to get a pass. Not 15$ a month Like wow was back in the day.... That 50 $ would get u any NEW content they release (official mods, new maps, etc). Bug fixes, optimizations and the like should still be free though