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    So now the devs made something EXTREMELY useful for us pve players and you want a nerf? Pve has had to endure nerfs bc of PvP for over 2 years now. Sit back and take it. Now you understand what we have had to deal with
  2. Hahaha I'm not surprised! Can't do it with the base game. Couldn't do it with scorched. Did they do it with Abb? Don't really know, that map is dead anyway. DEFINITELY couldn't do it with Rag. What makes anyone think they could do it with their final release? Just par for the course for a sub par dev.
  3. BigRed1227

    Whats the new tek dino for this month?

    I've heard the the tek dinos have a bit better damage resistance than their non tek counterparts. Can anyone confirm?
  4. BigRed1227

    Whats the new tek dino for this month?

    Thanks.....answer was in the details....
  5. BigRed1227

    Whats the new tek dino for this month?

    Will there be a color event going on with this? I don't remember seeing anything about one?
  6. BigRed1227

    ARK: Extinction Release Date Revealed!

    So you are dropping more tek dinos when pve is pretty much always at server cap? Good job......
  7. Really do need to address the pve server cap issue. As it is now, if we loose a few rexs in boss fights we cannot breed more for more fights. Really sucks WC. Fix your KNOWN ISSUES
  8. BigRed1227

    Phone "not compatible"

    They already did
  9. BigRed1227

    Reaper king

    How are reaper kings in boss fights? Will they become the new norm? Their dmg reduction pretty much sells me on this idea, especially if mate boosted and yuti buffed
  10. BigRed1227

    Taming Cap ( I mean SERIOUSLY ??)

    I've een tribes build 20 or 30 rafts just to take up tame/breed spots. They will destroy 1 raft right before putting kibble into the dino or just before the egg hatches. Problem is the tame cap. Rag servers are 500 dinos per tribe. Hypothetically, if you have 70 slots online at 1 time that's 35k dino slots. The math doesn't add up. Now there are ways, in pve to rid some people of dinos, kiting, but is a crap move. Another problem is you have to rely on people to me mature and considerate to other people on the server. Breeding 50 thylas at a time or 30 rexes at a time or even 20 or more wyverns at a time is simply unnecessary. Now, if you can move them, meaning you have buyers for them on a different server, than that' fine, but if you store them just to see if you can get a pretty color, than that's not being considerate. Why hold on to a line of thylas that have worse stats than the ones you just hatched? Or those rexes that have lower than the current median boss stats? Kibble rework is another thing that needs to be overhauled. People have egg farms for kibble but those dinos rarely are ever used for anything other than kibble. Is there really any reason to have 5 or more trikes? Or any reason to keep more than 2 or 3 dung beetles?
  11. BigRed1227

    Remove Transfer cool down for PVE

    Most people agree
  12. Have people kill off dinos. Get rid of structures on platform saddles and destroy rafts. That's the only way
  13. BigRed1227

    Ragnarock Dino cap woes

    Have done that to someone who had a side account of I kid u not 300+ thylas. Why do they need that many, killed off a good majority of them before it was in turn killed itself. Kibble rework, dino cap increase, or a storage device should eliminate the problem. However, we all know what happens when the server crashes and dinos are uploaded so I can see it as a bad thing.....
  14. BigRed1227

    Ragnarock Dino cap woes

    It's genius actually. I love replacing my old plain Jane dinos with high level colored ones. EMPHASIS on replace. Tame a new one, kill the other. I won't even sell off old dinos bc of cap. It's a serious issue. There are several people on my server who have stocked to many eggs that they are getting rid of their kibble dinos. I have 600 compy eggs. I'll never use that amount so bye bye compies. I already have my colorful kentros so no more compies. That's what people have to do, kill off what they don't need and stop hoarding old stuff. Why do you still need dilos? Why do you need 40+ thylas? 20+ gigas? Kind of ruins the game for everyone else
  15. BigRed1227

    Preserving salts for feeding troughs

    I remember the hype for What wc said was "refrigerated troughs" . SO MUCH HYPE. Everyone was excited but then when the announcement came saying they would be tek, a lot of wind was let out of the sails. Don' get me wrong, the tek troughs are amazing but if you have no reliable way to get element, you are pretty much out of luck. Another wc fail
  16. BigRed1227

    Kibble Farming Question

    Let me add on to what everyone else has said. Find yourself a "wilderness" spot. Females will lay eggs CONSISTENTLY without being mate boosted. Add an ovi or 2 to the mix and it's even better. Add a male and you will pick up more eggs than poop. Just for reference, dimetrodon eggs have always been difficult to get. I added an ovi and a male for 2 females. In the coarse of a day, I'm up to about 30 eggs. I have 400+ compy eggs from 2 females. Hundreds of scorp eggs from 2 females and going on 100 mantis eggs from 2 females and 1 male. I just started new servers about 2 months ago when I moved from legacy. TLDR find yourself a wilderness spot to build at
  17. BigRed1227

    Happy early april fools day from Studio Wildcard

    You know, I love how they say running the island at 30 fps and SEAMLESSLY. Why can't wc do that for console that has better hardware than the iPhone 7? Just a thought....
  18. BigRed1227

    Overhaul Mammalian Breeding

    I do provide constructive criticism every now and again 😉 I hope that the kibble rework will allow players to finally get rid of the massive farms they have. Cap is a real thing on consoles. On rag, 500 dino limit per tribe, 70 player slot per server. That is 35k dinos that should be allowed to be tamed/bred. But wc put it at 5500 total for a server. Not including rafts which count as 10. Any structure built on a platform dino now counts as 19. I get the reasoning as it effects server performance but so does tail wagging and stationary dino movements. Tail wags should be eliminated or reduced a great deal, head following animations shouldn't exist. The only thing that should happen is the eating and pooping animations on unridden dinos.
  19. BigRed1227

    Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

    Exactly! I want my ivory trade going!
  20. BigRed1227

    Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

    Doeds and megaloceros need to be able to gather berries. @Jatheish I remember Jeremy saying at one point he was going to put this into the game. Also need to stop the x10 pooping of the doeds as well. Really bad if you are farming, getting attacked and it stops to poop or you are rolling along and boom, it stops to let it all out 3 times in a row
  21. BigRed1227

    Overhaul Mammalian Breeding

    Like the lactation part but would have to disagree with the litter size. On high pop servers with people already popping out thylas like tic-tacs, upping the rate of twins, triplets would be a nightmare. The server I play on has bases filled with thylas. That's all they do is breed thylas and NEVER use them. They log on the feed and that' it. A 2 day maturation on those is why I'm thinking they breed them, but they aren' that great outside of running some caves. No one on rag traverses the map on a thyla regularly. And to say you do is bs. You hop on a wyvern and fly from red to green. So TLDR: upping the rate of twins triplets on mammals isn't a good idea. Lactaton from the mother is 100% solid idea
  22. BigRed1227

    Stop hoarding land

    Have to agree with this. Plus, most rag servers are already at cap, no way to get around it. People hoard 50+ gigas and 300+ thylas. ( might be a little over exadurating) The point is, if you are new to an established server where all the "good" spots are, chances are they are already at cap or close to it. And apparently no one is willing to kill off their thylas. I'd tame a cheap ptera, build a small hut and grind for stone structures until the new servers open. Then u can transfer out to a new server and claim your spot. One last little note. Don' build up next to a big base. At all. If u want to grow, you won' be able to. And no one wants another laggy base next to their already laggy base. Makes thing suck
  23. BigRed1227

    Ragnarok: Constant Crashing on Xbox after Update

    I would agree that the 1x makes it run better and look better too. Haven' gotten fuzzy graphics yet like I did on the original Xbox. Things do load faster and the gameplay much smoother. I'm not a technical person but I can tell you everything is a lot smoother. However, I do still get the lag issues all over the map and even more so when someone logs into their overly huge base with 300 thylas and 200 dodos. So it seems like a server side issue more than a client side. Let me know if I'm WAY off on this. I'll stand corrected if I'm wrong. Like I said, not a technical person
  24. BigRed1227

    Ragnarok: Constant Crashing on Xbox after Update

    Seems like this game has been optimized for the 1x consoles now. Too much memory going through with all the big bases, the 499 thylas everyone keeps but never uses and that 1 giga. I'm exadurating of course but ppl have way too much in such a small space. Too many dino tail wags and too many people building with hundreds of wall/ceiling pieces. Each has to render, and each takes up so much room. Maybe if wc would take some of the structure pieces from other mods it might help. Like behemoth stone walls that count only as 1 piece, or a giant stone ceiling piece. Materials are irrelevant. The point is, too much going on with very little processing power behind it
  25. BigRed1227

    Ragnarok: Constant Crashing on Xbox after Update

    Problem is, if you have been around since day 1 of console, there has ALWAYS been crashing to dashboard issues. Always. And just now there is acknowledgement? Seems kind of like a laggy response time don' you think? More lag than the RAGLAG. I'm in no way trying to be negative but when facts are facts, it' hard to dispute.