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  1. Piscovores & Fish Nutrition

    If you could find a leeds..... They are rarer than water tames on the center
  2. 100% agree A bit out of whack if you ask me. Brood easy is the starter boss. It's the boss where you taste first blood and get your feet wet, not the boss that wrecks you as soon as you spawn in. It should be the boss the lower player tribes and lower levels do to gather element. Yes, you may not get a lot but you can do it multiple times without worry. But this boss is a bull in a China shop. This is one nerf I can get behind....
  3. Where Will You Be On Launch Day?

    You are very correct
  4. Where Will You Be On Launch Day?

    Good for You! Thumbs up, ark is a game, not life
  5. Fear Wyvern

    Agreed, but they would actually have to make a different model instead of re-skining a lightning to make it ice.
  6. Can ps4 please get some REAL answers!

    Xbox user here guys and gals, but I just wanted to say welcome to the ark EA experience. I was happy to see that the game finally opened up for you guys but thought to myself, well, now they will know what us console users have endured for almost 2 years. As I watched thread after thread about how excited ps4 users were in getting this game, I had to chuckle because it would only be a matter of time before they would lash out at all of the bugs, glitches, and misses by wc. So here we are today, you (collectively) are upset that there isn't a patch out for you yet. All i have to say is "welcome the the wc ea experience"
  7. Why is everything so bright?

    Problem being with everyone saying "turn off bloom" is that console DOES NOT have that option. We cannot turn it on and off. R. Commands have gone away. Xbox officials do not have an option to do so, so it is not a simple answer to say "just turn off bloom and light shafts"
  8. Share Your Boss Fight Tips Here

    Did it last night with 14 rexs no yuti, 5 riders. Finally got it pinned. Easiest way to farm element
  9. Why is everything so bright?

    Xbox has had this issue from the beginning. We couldn't use bloom quality like pc, and up until recently, pc had the ability to change it. Unfortunately I believe that the command was taken away. A bloom slider should be implemented to take care of it, but....its wc, so no promises
  10. Reduce wyvern follow height

    Or, just have the option for any flier to stay grounded when on follow
  11. Great White Northerner, Looking for Group!

    Grab a Mic and we can chat hit me up Gt bigred1227
  12. What Color Combo Do Yall Use?

    Red and black! All the way.... Plus with the manticore helmet on, I look like magneto
  13. Make the Spino spawns GREAT AGAIN!!! on Island

    Your title! #make spinos spawns great again On a side note, I have 2 spinos sails and 8 giga hearts.....something is messed up
  14. Island/center bosses are rather hard now, but the best thing you can do is to farm the element on scorched from the manticore and build what u need to there and bring it back to the island/center. Takes a bit more time but the cost of running 1 manticore fight is much cheaper than what it takes for the island/center bosses. Like what @KibbleSnatcher said, manticore doesn't land much so you have to be quick, but the payout is so worth it