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  1. Ok now this is ridiculous

    I find this funny for the sole reason that no she isn't working for WC but as the wife, she can withhold A LOT of stuff from her husband. Any married man/women knows what I'm saying.
  2. Dino vs Sleep

    It will come with 'dynamic length bridges'
  3. More PS4 PVE Ragnarok Servers

    Yea we do! Doubt any more will come though. Wc wants legacy to die a slow death so good luck.
  4. Widespread Server Timeouts 9/1

    Happening on Xbox as well
  5. The Countdown [3 Hours left]

    Everyone who knows they have to get through traffic leaves early! My boss doesn't accept that excuse and many many other companies don't either
  6. The Countdown [3 Hours left]

    Yea I used to use that excuse in college.....worked about as well as early access....
  7. The Countdown [3 Hours left]

    Can't get a launch right.....who's to think they can stream right?
  8. The Countdown [3 Hours left]

    Pax comes first instead of paying customers I guess
  9. The Countdown [3 Hours left]

    15 minutes late
  10. The Countdown [3 Hours left]

    Late as usual
  11. Are you Satisfied with the Official Game?

    True, but how many tickets actually had support to begin with?
  12. Are you Satisfied with the Official Game?

    There were no assumptions, it was only a question. But since it was a snarky question, and seeing as how you reacted, I'd say you don't like it either
  13. Are you Satisfied with the Official Game?

    Is this why you have had 4 different cs jobs?
  14. Are you Satisfied with the Official Game?

    I'm glad you have had that many jobs, but you should also know that with any cs job and maybe a little background in marketing, word of mouth is the best advertisement. If any brick and mortar business treated customers the way we have been treated for the past 2 years, they wouldn't have made it through the fiscal year. Most of us like the game, and I won't say that I haven't gotten my $ worth over the last 2 years but not having enough servers up on launch is, well for a lack of a better term, embarrassing. It's like taking that same brick and mortar store, opening it up, not having enough product, and then getting snippy/snarky or just being rude to the customers, and expecting them to come back, once you do have more. You think, for 1 minute, people would go back to that store? Nope.
  15. Are you Satisfied with the Official Game?

    Because they are directly dealing with your customers. That's customer service 101.