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  1. To expand on this a little further from the consumer side wildcard could have released the single player portion to appease the console players since there wasn't any issues on that side of the game and yes while game development is a complex and often rough process they had to have known about the multiplayer issues at least a week or so beforehand due to the fact that before going for cert they beta test everything on their own company servers.
  2. I hate to be the one to bring you back to reality here but the only thing that's been transparent is the fact that studio wildcard admitted that there are a boatload of problems that they are trying to fix that's it.
  3. I know this may be a little blunt but from what I saw of the pc gameplay on YouTube studio wildcard could have possibly put the single player offline content out for consoles. I think that may have been a possibility for them. Any thoughts on this?
  4. And to add to this they probably aren't going to re cert the entire game just the multiplayer portion that had the issue in the first place I thank studio wildcard dev teams and await the game to come out on console #arkstrong
  5. As a fellow programmer and a console player I can tell you this from personal experience. In order to patch this and get the game out it might be the second week of November at earliest unless they know exactly where in the programming code this error occurred
  6. Can't wait for nitrado servers to come up so I can play mods on ps5
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