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  1. Best place of all maps for me is the cherry tree-floating islands on Crystal Isles. In a specific pond (don't know coordinates right now) there are usually at least 3 at a time and the levels are quite good. 2nd best is on Ragnarok in a small cave near blue obelisk. There are a lot of fish and usually 1-2 otters.
  2. Right! For my breeding lines I don't use stats below 40 points! Highest I've had was 52 in melee on a Megalodon and I get stats between 45 and 50 quite often, especially on flyers.
  3. Dinosaur: Spinosaurus Pterosaur: Quetzalcoatlus Aquatic Creature: Basilosaur Mammal: Procoptodon Bird: Argentavis Mythical Creature: Griffin No categorie: Bloodstalker
  4. PvP: Kishko & Apex PvE: Syntac, Jimbob, Phlinger Phoo, The Axeman, Lucky by Nature, Fresonis, Sl1pg8r & Zueljin Building: Aaron Longstaff & Sven P
  5. Ghillie suit + bug repellant worked pretty good for me. And I've never been grabbed off my Spino. But other than that I agree that they need some tweaks like grabbing-distance or remove feeding them tamed creatures to raise the taming effectiveness.
  6. Crystal Wyvern eggs (Levels) What's the highest level egg you found so far? Mine was a 215 Blood Wyvern. I thought the levels were the same as normal Wyverns which would be 190, but since this isn't true I have no clue what's the max. I couldn't find anything on youtube/google/Ark-wiki btw.
  7. If you want to play on a server I highly recommend unofficial PvE for a relatively new player like you. Otherwise you might get really frustrated because of the hardcore-grind, toxic players, longer taming times, etc. I joined my first server after I discovered the whole Island had a huge base with an army of Dilos, Dodos, Raptors and Trikes and some advanced stuff like a preserving bin and forges (it was 2 months after the EA-release, so there wasn't anything modern in the game ). So after I joined the server and set up a wooden hut I tamed a Bronto with pillars and that it took 8 hours to tame. 2 hours later it was killed by 3 as*holes on Rexes and an Argentavis - so yeah. I gave up on the server idea for a long long time after that!
  8. It is. Flying into it gives you a speed boost.
  9. Yup And the stamina-drain is extremely dumb by the way!
  10. So Tropeos are easier to find on other maps... I wish I had Ark on console so I have higher chances finding one on Extinction and don't get eye-aids from the over-coloured parts of CI. Nice job, Wildcard! BTW: I spawned one in and tested it and to me it seems that the speed with the jet engine is not good enough to escape angry Wyverns. I tried it in the trench with the Crystal Heirs and they came very close to me - my only escape was by flying through the trees...
  11. I have the same issue on Crystal Isles. Flew around for 3-4 hours and nothing but Ichthyornis overspawning and the excessive coloring of the map giving me eye-cancer ...
  12. What I hate with a passion is that they reset our ingame options and mod-list with every major update! Are they too lazy, stupid or what is it all about?
  13. It depends what saddles your creatures have on them. Stats seem to be ok for beta Broodmother. And don't forget veggie cakes on your Therizinos.
  14. @StudioWildcard @Cedric As I said so many times now: please announce delays in a fun way like "We did it again! Keep that running gag going!" or something. People wouldn't be as mad over this as they are over some shady(looking) announcements like the actual here. And for all of those writing #AllLivesMatter: please stop it! I'm a white guy not even living in the USA and even I knew not to say this - to be honest I didn't know why but at least I kept my mouth shut and my fingers away from the keyboard. To understand it, read this https://www.vox.com/2016/7/11/12136140/black-all-lives-matter and listen to this Body Count song:
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