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  1. DomiDarko

    Just how dumb is wildcard?

    I know about surface building since January when I watched Wombat Skunkie's video about it. So this is a very old "problem" as well as sooooo many others WC doesn't know or didn't care about for a very long time... Instead of dev wiping they could just have told the players to remove their bases so they could have at least saved some materials and didn't get pi**s*d pretty bad. Here are some pretty old videos about building above the burning surface:
  2. DomiDarko

    My Crusade Against the Fog

    Yeah, but I had very bad luck with anti-fog mods. Either they were removed without any hint or reason or they didn't work... I gave up on no-fog-mods. And the setting the devs gave us isn't working for me as well - at least on Ragnarok where we've been playing for about a year now. 😕
  3. DomiDarko

    Is there a way to ...

    Yeah, I'd totally recomment the Otter as well. But there's also Calien Soup (hyperthermic insulation) & Fria Curry (hypothermic insulation) as consumable stews or the different types of armor, like fur, ghillie or desert cloth f.e.
  4. DomiDarko

    What is your favorite herbivore

    Therizinosaurus and Equus share my #1 spot.
  5. Heyho, for like the past 2 weeks my game crashes everytime I'm going under the water while mounted on Baryonyx, Angler, Megalodon, etc. I'm playing on Ragnarok and it crashed in the river/ocean around the huge desert ruins. I thaught it has something to do with DirectX so I set my startup settings with -d3d10 and let Steam check my local files but it still crashes.Here's the crash report - hopefully somebody can help me what to do.
  6. DomiDarko

    Quetzal TLC

    This would render the Argentavis useless again...
  7. DomiDarko

    Favorite dinos

    The Searchbarsaurus... favorite dino Favorite Dino? Favorite dino? Favorite Dino Favorite tames? Favorite dinos BTW: Drakes, Wyverns and mammals aren't dinosaurs! Even the Tapejara isn't one either, it's a pterosaur.
  8. DomiDarko

    the old ark or new ark?

    Old Ark! Reasons: no stupid fantasy-creatures, Dodos fighting back, no stupid mechanics like getting dismounted every 5 minutes, no eels, no jellyfish, no Tek-crap, less a**holes on the servers and so on and so on. Anybody remembers the early Plesiosaur-taming method without scuba? Eat your lazarus chowder, lure it down to a cave, get on a ledge and shoot it until it's out - without the annoying running away-mechanic.
  9. DomiDarko

    Can we talk about Stack Size Again?

    This HAS to be a thing... I'll never trust a stack-mod again after our tribe lost nearly all materials because the mod has been taken off the workshop. 😕
  10. DomiDarko

    Making Shoulder Mounts with the Dev Kit

    I thought about a new shoulder pet just a few minutes ago... I NEED a raven/crow that has the Parasaur threat-warning-ability along with the Direwolves ability of seeing how hurt a creature is or detecting nearby corpses. It also needs a 3rd ability... Maybe it increases your crafting speed/quality when it sits on your shoulder or something. If I'd had the disc space the dev-kit needs I'd try it on my own, but no. I need a new SSD - not this year I guess.
  11. This is why I'm glad I have the Ark Advance 10-mod. The stove of this mod stacks up cooked fish up to 10k and meat to 1k. It also preserves it a looong time! But yeah, it would be much easier if WC made normal carnivores not eating fish first or get the fish-only-eaters-thing out...
  12. DomiDarko

    Share Your Tek Armor Color Schemes

    I use royalty and black as well, along with silver and white... Sacramento Kings fan here^^
  13. DomiDarko

    What Do You Have In Your Hotbar?

    1. Sword 2. Metal hatchet 3. Metal pick 4. Sickle 5. Food 6. Canteen 7. Longneck 8. Spyglass 9.GPS 0. S+ Transfer gun
  14. DomiDarko

    Ark Atlas - Pirate-mod or new map or what?

    Thanks! Yes, some youtubers now described it as a new game. I hope not a lot of people will buy the game... As you said they haven't finished Dark & Light AND Pixark as well. 👎
  15. DomiDarko

    How to tame a dino

    No, you don't use it as U would eat it (at least on PC). In this case you have to press the 0-button. To feed creatures it's E. And: a ways to unglitch borked creatures: knock em out and let them wake up again.