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  1. DomiDarko

    Ark Atlas - Pirate-mod or new map or what?

    Thanks! Yes, some youtubers now described it as a new game. I hope not a lot of people will buy the game... As you said they haven't finished Dark & Light AND Pixark as well. 👎
  2. DomiDarko

    How to tame a dino

    No, you don't use it as U would eat it (at least on PC). In this case you have to press the 0-button. To feed creatures it's E. And: a ways to unglitch borked creatures: knock em out and let them wake up again.
  3. Just watched this on Jade Plays Games channel and this looks like the huge water map so many people asked for... What do you think? I really like the ocean's moving and isn't just a calm sea like on all other maps. And I'm always hyped if new items come to the game. A negative point: there seems to be a lack of creatures/animals.
  4. DomiDarko

    New Creature: Glyptodon

    Size doesn't matter! Seriously, we don't need another armadillo-like creature...
  5. DomiDarko

    How to tame a dino

    Then it is a creature to tame passively. Let it wake up, put your berries in your last inventory slot and press E when you're close to it. But be careful. Some get aggressive when you are too close.
  6. DomiDarko

    New creature: Helicorpion

    This has been suggested soooo many times before... Like the Carcharodontosaurus. I don't think we'll get new dinosaurs/real life creatures until they fixed the upcoming DLC for quite a few times.
  7. DomiDarko

    Nerf creatures able to dismount you

    Yeah, be aware of tiny lightning speed-like suckers coming out of bushes or spawn just in front of you. Good advice! We really need something to avoid being dismounted/stunned. At this point it's just unfair.
  8. DomiDarko

    Original winter wonderland this year?

    I don't think so because they're too busy with Extincion. I doubt there will be any "good" events until next year.
  9. DomiDarko

    New Dinos

    Universal Pictures/The Copyright holders disagree^^ If you play on PC: there are some mods that give you at least the Indominus Rex.
  10. There already are a lot of such TLC lists on the forum. We don't need another one. Just use the search
  11. DomiDarko

    Getting the DLCs

    In my case it wasn't worth it. Scorched Earth is ok but Aberration was a total bust for me. I'd only recommend them for the story/explorer notes or getting new creatures/items to The Island or the free Maps Ragnarok/The Center. There are too many restrictions and forced "waiting games" on these maps like earth quakes, sandstorms, superheat on the surface of Aberration during daytime, etc.
  12. DomiDarko

    Temperatures TLC

    Instead of this they should get rid off some stupid standing around/super annoying weather-effects like sandstorm on SE, wind storm on Ragnarok and earthquake on Aberration.
  13. DomiDarko

    Meat TLC

    First they should fix that ALL carnivores prefer fish meat over any other when it is in their inventory or a trough. Once you get a piscivore you don't want to harvest normal meat for filling your troughs... That's the only reason I visit the ocean from time to time.
  14. DomiDarko

    Nitrado vs G-portal: Renting a server

    Maybe they adjusted it in the meanwhile? Or it depends on what kind of server you're renting (premium, basic, etc.)...
  15. DomiDarko

    Tek Spino Saddle

    Don't forget the Tek-Rock-Drake-saddle... I want this for the Bronto/Diplo: