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  1. DomiDarko

    yet another creature suggestion.

    Please no. We have enough "mythical" and special creatures + I think there will be more when the next DLC is being released. I want a Lama, Aurochs, Carcharodontosaurus, Helicoprion, etc., so more real life/extinct creatures
  2. DomiDarko


    No. I hate those stupid weather events where you just have to sit and do nothing... it would be very frustrating if you'd lose part of your base or creatures. The time sink is too real, so we don't need more of it!
  3. It doesn't affect players, but I experienced that flyers are slowed down and lose stamina. Don't know how to disable it. It can be really frustrating just sitting a looong time besides your flyer without doing anything. I hate Ark's weather effects...
  4. DomiDarko

    Which map do you like the most and why?

    1. Ragnarok (huuuge and beautiful map, almost every creature, very thought-out caves with bosses, you can pick up black pearls, etc.) 2. The Island (because of nostalgia and it looks very good as well + you have 4 different bosses) 3. Scorched Earth (I love the ruins) 4. Aberration (too many restrictions like radiation, burning surface at daytime, spores, etc. and stupid earthquakes, no use for element if you haven't transfered your char, I really don't like it anymore - only had fun the first few days) I never played on The Center and on the Valhalla map I haven't spent enough time to rate it...
  5. DomiDarko

    Argent HP lowered 20 procent, why?

    It's all about the balance. With the new weight-buff, smithy saddle and hp-regen after eating a corpse I don't mind about the health-nerf. It is still pretty good.
  6. DomiDarko

    The final 1%

    So no explorer notes, quicksand, tar pits, etc... But at least Extinction will be beautiful!
  7. DomiDarko

    The final 1%

    In a Stream it was mentioned that there will be explorer notes. Did you scrap them?
  8. Boring news for a while now - at least for me. How about releasing the newest devkit, so some modders can change their stuff or add something new based on it (Classic Flyers-mod really needs to upgrade the Argentavis...)?
  9. DomiDarko

    Anyone else dying for a preview of the third dlc

    I don't really care after Aberration was such a disappointment for me... Personally I'd like to see more TLCs, game fixes or a resurrection of SOTF instead of the next DLC.
  10. Please, devs, give us a normal, non-sucking map like the Island! SE and especially Aberration suck in so many ways and take away the joy of playing. On SE some weather effects are just stupid and a waiting game - sandstorms where you just have to wait inside a shelter and the electric storm where even simple firearms don't work. This is such a bullcrap that I laughed the first time I saw it. And please remove the over-time destruction of the generator! Aberration is even worse: You can't go to most places for even 30 seconds without dying if you haven't the correct gear Earthquakes are too common and a stupid waiting game as well Crafting element is the most time-sinking thing I can imagine, but please: don't prove me wrong in the future! Element is useless unless you start the map with an existing char that unlocked the tek replicator Wild Ravagers are too common for being such an op creature Non-surface drops are just bs and not worth checking As a solo player there is no way to beat Alpha Rockwell within the given time Also as a solo player it's near impossible to get through the "underwater cave" In my 2.5 months of playing I've only seen 1 Alpha Basilisk and 2 Alpha Reapers There's no creature I'd prefer over one of the Island's - SE at least has Wyverns, Vultures & the Phoenix Aberration is the map I spent the least time of all (besides The Center which I haven't played on yet) and I'm happy that my tribemates hadn't any problems with me letting the rented server run out. I really hope the next DLC enthralls me again like Ragnarok did and still does.
  11. DomiDarko

    Is there a mod for petting your dino?

    The "Classic Flyers" mod has a learnable emote (0 engram points) to pet your creatures.
  12. DomiDarko

    Spino is actually viable now

    No. The sound is still the same.
  13. DomiDarko

    Tarbosaurus Bataar

    I just want the Carcharodontosaurus...
  14. DomiDarko

    Color Coded Kibbles

    This would be really handy! Especially for me with my 20+ kibble-fridges. So I could put f.e. red kibble (Pachycephalosaurus, Pachyrhinosaurus, Spinosaurus...) in a frige and put a red wall sign on it. Can we paint friges? This would be even better!