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  1. And the Rock Elemental-variations (snow & chalk). BTW: I think he means that Valguero has creatures from The Island, Scorched Earth & Aberration, so a larger variety than other maps.
  2. Thyla Durden & Bonnie Thyla maybe? Or Steven Thyla & Liv Thyla?
  3. Why? Are you aware that they got nerfed pretty hard and are close to be useless now? First of all: when it gets pooped out of the mommy hold E on the baby and click "training", so it won't jump super far away if there's any violence nearby. And you need a lot of food! If you just have a regular trough, so cooked meat might be best or cooked lamb chops. What do you mean with your "plan of attack"?
  4. Put a lot of food in them, freeze and when you run out of stam, hammer your poop-button (Z). Or just get more owls.
  5. Yep, it was maybe the most fun creature to travel. Thanks to the nerf I moved on to The Witcher 3, so that's positive for me I guess! I didn't touch it for months because I was too busy in Ark.
  6. There's rumours that you have to feed them 1 mistletoe and 1 coal at the same time and they have to be near bushes they can smack... Not tested it yet, but I had the bug before I got my final Chibis for my collection from Raptor Claus.
  7. I got em all. Too many to post as pictures... You can't unsee that the Paraceratherium one looks like a "Joozian" from South Park! https://imgur.com/doUGoGU https://imgur.com/eS4kihU https://imgur.com/Zg5O5Os https://imgur.com/ACdchh6 https://imgur.com/sdbotoS https://imgur.com/5JFmBH9 https://imgur.com/IuVZH9P https://imgur.com/d35yQbg https://imgur.com/OFe22Ja https://imgur.com/2vEVUXP https://imgur.com/uvjeR4K https://imgur.com/k73xfxH https://imgur.com/dd5EF0b https://imgur.com/5nBc3Od https://imgur.com/1QkSw4n https://imgur.com/GadIHQE https://imgur.com/BCH5Ezo https://imgur.com/3G1E37B https://imgur.com/JiT64l5 https://imgur.com/imzih4C https://imgur.com/Y0aHwlq https://imgur.com/rbRTDCQ https://imgur.com/GEdThg9 https://imgur.com/4Nb9sKg https://imgur.com/EqvWyej https://imgur.com/8Ax2Rcy https://imgur.com/4JZrFyv https://imgur.com/VQoUP7r https://imgur.com/roevLYP https://imgur.com/Wqaoua2 https://imgur.com/a24llo6 https://imgur.com/cxxfMjI https://imgur.com/FpD9hEq https://imgur.com/BlQ5PaH https://imgur.com/MUVPXBm https://imgur.com/riqPvQe https://imgur.com/u4NaWAG https://imgur.com/A4n3fNC https://imgur.com/X5d5W0B https://imgur.com/rADSZna https://imgur.com/hjOWpok https://imgur.com/wZbQC6r https://imgur.com/zfU5Lmz https://imgur.com/06LmVHo https://imgur.com/mgTW9ui https://imgur.com/yTVrbeX https://imgur.com/ueCsv7q https://imgur.com/fofdfCe https://imgur.com/5fMgDZ0 https://imgur.com/EJloRj0 https://imgur.com/SxsqRVl https://imgur.com/4JljPgs https://imgur.com/G5vdmWK https://imgur.com/6o2tp7E
  8. Yeah, I just requested it on the Kraken's Better Dinos-mod. A must have for every PvE-player who hates these stupid nerfs! I'm 99% sure that WC won't do anything about it, just like the flyer nerf where Single Player-/Private Server-options were suggested as well and nothing happened at all... I'd feel bad if mods are the only reason most people keep playing my game, even if I try my best with frequently added content...
  9. 1 Yuty is enough and you don't need a Daeodon for gamma. Get 3 more Rexes and you should be fine. But for beta and alpha I highly recommend Megatheriums because of the insect-buff.
  10. For me it was only 305 MB (PC as well). Anybody knows the command for starting it on single player?
  11. I think they just forgot to implement it.
  12. I used to have CF installed until the huge overspawn-problem appeared on Ragnarok and Scorched where literally thousands of wyverns spawn in the trenches...
  13. Is there any place where the skeletals spawn besides carno island on The Island? In the last 2 days (8-10 hours played) I've only seen 5 of them on carno island (2 Rexes, 2 Carnos and 1 Raptor)... And yeah, the candy corn-drops are really really bad! Free veggie cakes and soups are ok, but berries and meat? Come on!
  14. You can drag it with the use-button (the one you mount creatures, turn on campfires/grill, etc.). According to the Ark-wiki it's the Y-button, unless you changed the keybindings.
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