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  1. Upcoming engrams and release dates??

    According to Steam: December. My experience with WC release-announcement says: Not December... But some of the new stuff will be glowsticks, climbing hooks, hazmat suit, gliding suit, "tek bed"... Just watch some Aberration-videos on Youtube.
  2. what is a most useless item in ark

    I'd go for laser- and holoscope-attachment, chitin armor, radio and wooden wall sign. And I'd never craft scuba leggings as well...
  3. Kentro vs Bosses

    For testing I put about 25 fully imprinted and cake-filled (6 each) Kentros on a random level spawned-in Alpha Megapithecus (can't remember the level) and they killed it in a few minutes. Only 7 got killed and I had no Daeodon or Yuty with them. On the 2nd try I lost all of the remaining Kentros and I think the Ape was at a higher level. I recommend more than 10k HP - maybe 20-25k.
  4. When will we get new dinos?

    I tamed a 150, but I'm afraid to take it out because after I tamed it, it was attacked by Cnidaria, Mantas and an Alpha Megalodon. Of course something got stuck inside ithe Tuso and I had no chance to hit the creature! I had to kill myself, spawn back in my base and bring my Basilo... -.- And yeah, for water adventures I love my Basilo. I don't care if it's slow, because it is still the only safe way to swim around. For short trips (metal & silica pearls) around my base I take out my imprinted super fast Angler or my Dunkleosteus.
  5. When will we get new dinos?

    Instead of new creatures I wanna see an overhaul of the old ones (TLC-Pass). After that I'm still hoping for more flyer-variety and a few more creatures (Gorgonopsid, Bos primigenius f.e.)
  6. ARK Digest Q&A!

    Will we ever get a server option to increase stack sizes? With some mods I lost all my resources twice... Don't wanna risk another one.
  7. Dire bears lost their role?

    Ever been attacked from behind while riding a Dire Bear? Well... good luck if you're in the forest or a tight place. I abandoned bears after several Terrorbirds and Direwolves stuck in my bear's butt and I wasn't able to hit them or turn around until I went off the bear and let the AI do the job. Megatherium by fare has a better AoE, especially with right-click. The only thing the Direbear is better is faster attacks, as far as I remember.
  8. Fav Dino

    No, you don't want to bring a tank. Kentro deals damage by getting hit. That reflects some percantage of the damage back to the creature that is hitting the Kentro. I just read about they deal 33% of the incoming damage. So it's useless to pump melee - just go full health.
  9. ARK Digest Q&A!

    With the new update we got useless mechanics like handcuffing people to beds and chairs... On Steam Ark currently is 50% off (29.99 €) They mentioned that, but I can't remember where (post on this forum, twitter or the stream at TwitchCon) My question: could you make the Tek Armor providing better insulation? Good luck using it on Scorched Earth, the Ragnarok desert or in any quite cold places...
  10. How's my therizino?

    Yeah, with the right saddle, your Theri will destroy any Alpha Rex. I got my saddle blueprints from the underwater caves (cavern of lost faith & cavern of lost hope). My Theris without imprinting have 8178.1 HP and 372.8 melee, so maybe on par with yours. I got them up to 20-25 k health and 700-800 melee just fyi.
  11. Fav Dino

    I really would like to but my stupid old computer won't allow me to record anything. But I have to admit that I spawned the Megapithecus in, because our tribe is on Ragnarok and there were a few more than 20 Kentros. Maybe 25-27. I tried it another time with 20 (the lowest level ones) and they've been destroyed. Maybe because this time I didn't put any veggie cake in them or the Megapithecus spawned in at a higher level (I spawned it random). At this time I am breeding the best Kentros (health+melee) and try it again WITH veggie cakes, 1 Yuty and 2 Daeodons...
  12. Fav Dino

    I wanted them to die as well, because I wanna get rid of these test-subjects and breed better ones where I spend the levels a little bit more thoughtful. But no, they slayed the hard Megapithecus even without Daeodons or Yutys. Only 7 died...
  13. Fav Dino

    At the moment the Kentro became kinda my favorite. I have 20-30 imprinted ones and they slaughtered every Giga they fought so far. Highest dead Giga was a 140 and I didn't lost a single Kentro. I'll try 18 of them + Yuty + Daeodon vs the Megapithecus soon!
  14. No patch notes?? 272.2+

    No... But I always use if there's no patch notes on steam or here.
  15. Ragnarok ice cave strategy

    Strange. Me and my tribemates tried to bring 10 high level Dimorphs with us, but at some point there was an invisible wall that prevented the Dimorphs to follow us. Our strategy was: Me in front with 2 high quality shields, good armor, medics and brews and the others killed everything that attacked me. One of us died just because he underestimated the AoE of the Ice Queen^^