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  1. Why is everything so bright?

    So, yesterday I disabled all my launch-options and started the game regularly (no "low memory", "no sky effects", etc.) and the blinding was gone. I'd like to figure out which launch-option causes the issue, so let's compare which settings we have in common. My launch-options are: -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -sm4 -d3d10 -lowmemory -novsync -nomansky -nomemorybias -high -culture=de
  2. Ragnarok Bugs/Glitches/Issues

    OK, I figured out, that the overbrightness has to do something with either one of these startup-options: -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -sm4 -d3d10 -lowmemory -novsync -nomansky -nomemorybias -high -culture=de or starting the game with "No Sky Effects". After I removed all startup-options and started the game on normal I had the normal brightness. I'd like to figure out which of those things causes the problem, but I have to party with an old friend after a couple of months. Maybe one of you guys could figure it out. If not, I'll do it in the next 1-2 days.
  3. Ragnarok DLC Patchnotes -- Update is out

    It is bigger, has better building spots, all creatures (The Island + Scorched Earth), etc. but it's not finished yet. I think 50-60% is done right now, but the unplayable parts are behind a wall/world border.
  4. Alternate Game Ideas

    • You took your "taming overhaul" from Dark And Light... Not very creative. In my opinion it would be nice that you have to KO a creature a couple of times or hurt it really bad to break its will or something, so it is afraid of you and accepts you as THE ALPHA. Only problem with the KO'ing-method is the wake-up time, so the creatures need less torpor or wake up faster. • Making the game more primitive wouldn't make any sense at the current stage because endgame would be gone. And I don't like the idea of finding guns/explosives etc. Imagine this on a official pvp server controlled by a huge alpha tribe... And if you want to play primitive there's Primitive+. • Building changes will become a thing when S+ is fully done, I think, because it is in the sponsored mod program.
  5. Why is everything so bright?

    I used it but turned it off after I had the blue-ish gloom and super brightness, but nothing changed. I also updated my graphic drivers, verified the game data, played around with graphics settings and so on. Nothing helped... What seems very strange to me is that objects/creatures/landscape in close distance look absolutely fine. Only things in the distance get this white-out-effect.
  6. Why is everything so bright?

    Welcome to the "club"... I can't even change it by using gamma. We already have this as topic in the Ragnarok-bug reports and I sent the devs a tweet about it. Hopefully they change it asap!
  7. how can one paint dinos properly?

    This is an issue for a loooooong time. Ever tried to paint your base or yourself black?
  8. Mein Charakter nicht mehr in der Charakter liste

    Ein Ticket kannst du hier schicken: Man muss sich aber anmelden. Ansonsten evtl. noch über Twitter probieren:
  9. What Color Combo Do Yall Use?

    I'm using royalty, black and silver (sometimes white) because I'm a Sacramento Kings fan...
  10. Mein Charakter nicht mehr in der Charakter liste

    Leider ein bekanntes Problem und das schon seit Längerem. Das Einzige, das du probieren kannst, ist ein Ticket an die Entwickler schicken und hoffen, dass diese recht schnell bzw. überhaupt antworten. Ansonsten einen älteren Spielstand laden oder nen Server-Rollback - falls sowas auf der PS4 überhaupt möglich ist. Ich kenn mich leider nur mit Ark auf dem PC aus... Nachtrag: falls du Singleplayer spielst oder nen eigenen Server hast, kannst du dir auch alles per Cheatbefehle wieder herstellen. Neuer Charakter erstellen, per Cheat hochleveln und dann alle Gebäude/Tiere dem Charakter zuweisen. Falls dem so ist, kann ich dir bei Bedarf die Befehle raussuchen.
  11. Beacon Loot table Update, via DevKit.

    And no Yutyrannus-saddle as well. I don't think the Castoroides-saddle should be in red drops. They're not that useful/powerful. Instead I'd put them in purple ones. Daeodon- & Thylacoleo-saddles should be in red in my opinion...
  12. Easiest way to get black pearls

    Europeanbits? Eucalyptusids? Eucharistids? It's EURYPTERIDS. Another thing to know is that Trilobites now give black pearls as well since a few updates ago. So get a Diplocaulus and swim across the beaches.
  13. Do you really believe they won't miss the "final ETA" like most of the others?
  14. Ragnarok Bugs/Glitches/Issues

    BTW I just figured out that I can't use gamma-commands at all... Maybe this may help as well.
  15. Ragnarok Bugs/Glitches/Issues

    Since the last update the map is all blue-ish for me...