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  1. She always crashes after 5-10 minutes playing and she uploaded a pic via phone which made me think that's a DirectX-problem. Will the launch-option -d3d10 work in this case? Here's the pic of the crash report:
  2. Please give the Pachycephalosaurus some love as well!
  3. Possibility of an Aurochs???

    They could drop hide, keratin, pelt and (prime) meat and taming could be similar to the Roll Rat. Drop their preferred food in front of them. I'd like to see such creatures as well, but I can't imagine any special purpose for them...
  4. 1. Therizinos because of resources 2. Terror Bird because of the fun 3. Non-aberrant Pegos, just to tame and throw them into the rad zone!!!
  5. Rock Drake Raising Tips?

    Don't forget that the Drake has health as well, so after its food went to 0, it has to lose all his health, too. So you got more than 8.33 hours.
  6. A good laugh

    Do you remember the required materials for the Stone-BP?
  7. So, for a while now I can't see ANY downloads going on for Ark-mods - every other game and main Ark updates are still showing up. The only way I could see there was a mod update is when I start the game or visit my server hoster's page...
  8. So I did a surface drop-run last night and it was totally worth it! Got a journeyman Rock Drake saddle BP with 66 armor, a mastercraft Ravager saddle with 69 armor, an ascendant fabricated sniper rifle (212 dmg), a full ghillie set (apprentice is lowest), a chili mask and 2 scary skull masks.
  9. Karkinos aka Crabs are getting stuck everywhere

    This is how we killed 3 Alpha Karkinos yesterday without any problem. Just get your creature under it and make it float... But yeah, for tamed ones it really really sucks.
  10. Karkinos Usage

    I've been grabbed off by a wild Karkinos ONCE, so it is possible. Other things haven't been able to harm my character. I agree. Karkinos are fine for the blue, but the deeper it goes, the harder it gets. I barely made it out of the Drake cave with only 2k out of 25k health left. I'd recommend 1-2 additional bodyguard Spinos as well!
  11. Blue Biome Shroom Bug

    Yes, Aquatic Mushrooms drain food and it depends on how many you ate after your food gets restored. I ate about 10 and had to wait 1-2 minutes to get my food bar back up when I ate 5 cooked meat. On the other hand it could be a good way to get your health up a bit faster.
  12. Seeker Tamable vs Non-tamable

    That's what I thought... But not only YOUR charge pets - every single one on the map, because Troodon taming isn't stupid enough. We must go further!
  13. hyenadon running away

    Which map? If you are on Ragnarok/Scorched Earth: Build a bigger pen (mine is 6x6) + get ghillie armor and cactus broth = never have an issue taming Hyaenodons again.
  14. Rock Drake eggs impossible to hatch

    You need at least 32 ACs...
  15. Araneo taming tips needed!

    Yep, cactus broth ftw! I can't imagine to passive tame anything without it again - especially Hyaenodons!