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  1. phoenix

    Make it rideable
  2. Dino Storage Bunker

    would be great
  3. Kibble Re-work

    i like the idea
  4. Make dino hitboxes smaller

  5. Need smaller Dino Gates

    i want also more different sizes of dino gates
  6. Ramp Improvement

    i have the same problem with our ramps
  7. Egg Collector

    Egg collecting is not realy funny
  8. Pack Bonus

    Good idea
  9. Alternate flyer mechanics

    I like the idea.
  10. RMB scrolling

    Since the changes to the new UI with right mouse button options you can't hold down RMB to scroll very fast and precise in large inventories. Pls give us the feature back it was great. It's still possible on a empty inventorie slot.
  11. It would be great if we can get a different color than red or something like that for the headshot hitmarker. Because on official server you don't see any floating damage numbers. Maybe red for player hitmarker, blue for dino hitmarker and for both a glowing version for headshots?
  12. If i change my Audio Device in Windows i have to restart the game. (Graphiccard Displayport <-> Mainboard Audiochip) An in game option for changing the Audio Device would be outstanding.