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  1. The fear evolved event is completely broken in singleplayer. any fear evolved items you collected are gone when you reload the game. this is really unfair for those people who spent a lot of time collecting these items
  2. Thanks for listening to your fans. I don't care too much about the delay as long as we still get the event as promised. The only thing I'm still concerned about is the werewolves and vampires not being part of the event like it was promised. These features would really make up for the delay so you should consider getting them finished for next week.
  3. Not only have you severely disappointed xbox players but also pc players due to the exclusion of promised features such as werewolves and vampires. The only way this can be made up for is releasing the Halloween content as a total conversion for xbox or releasing the event to xbox sometime after Halloween with all of the content promised. I actually thought xbox was finally getting it's 1St event but it was too good to be true. Because of this xbox players will be missing the event for a second year now and we shouldn't have to wait for another when the content was promised for this year...
  4. Giant vultures as well as giant eagles....
  5. wackwii

    The Titanosaur

    Its an awesome addition to the game but there needs to be an option to allow it to eat like a normal dino and level up
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