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  1. Bit high tech. I rather start with small stuff like a jeep to drive and option to carry gasoline can cause it will have a gas gauge and option to have mounted LMG. Have working headlights for night time and a horn to scare small dinos. I'd like to have a rubber raft as well. Either with ores or a gas powered motor on back and option to have LMG mounted on the front as well. Or cargo truck with option to have cargo boxes on the back to haul stuff while gathering.
  2. "To survive a war, you must become a war!" - John J. Rambo.
  3. I usually have one scorpion spawn around my base. Mountains have tons of scorpions as well.
  4. Well I made a map. I mainly used the randomizer. Its a map with a bunch of tiny islands. Not bad for like a naval pirate map.
  5. I was gonna try my first attempt at making a map. But I dont know what all the numbers mean. These are the default numbers so far.
  6. I lose my house and everything up until I leave? Or was this fixed? Old days ya leave ya lose everything. So if its still old house rules its lame. Just curious. I'm just a basic member. I don't see any rules how things go. Its one of them random servers were a person hosts it. My buddies talked me into it.
  7. How we decide where stuff spawns like crystals and obsidian and oil and metal rocks? Just random? Also where the dinos spawn and where swamps and artic areas are? Also someone asked about caves as well in other thread.
  8. I read somewhere suggesting sometime this month unless delays. Probably just before the Holiday break as a wild guess.
  9. Was that way with XBOX1 in the beginning as well. Just have to wait it out to get more servers or play private servers till otherwise.
  10. Cant wait till December for the map maker. I asked this question in the notes over on the xbox forum.
  11. In my private server on center map flying above that river is really laggy.
  12. How many can you own?
  13. How long before we get the map editor for XBOX1? I see the contests of new maps made for PC. Making maps was a blast back in the day on Far Cry series.
  14. Our server back in the old days some tribe had a dino gate up in the island map cave entrance. But you could wiggle around and climb up and with a perfect jump you could jump over. But after we texted on the chat page the cave was kinda blocked. A alpha tribe came and trashed the dino gate.
  15. Kinda shocked there isn't a option for rent a server. That be a easy cash grab. Battlefield does it even though a bit pricey for a buggy server.