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  1. Most of us can wait even more in exchange for a good user experience on launch, thats np. But please, look at those reports about anti meshing killing people randomly. This should be priority one. Maybe its worth to setup as only logging until you can guarantee no innocent people is gonna be killed :D.
  2. That card is pretty old. Either you typed the card of your old pc, or your new pc is not that new.
  3. Based on my experience with crop plots, what they call through condensation just means that the water reserves increase while not being rendered by anyone (or, in unreal terminology, when they are in stasis). This does not only happen in caves or aberration, but also in the sanctuary of extinction.
  4. From a PVE point of view raptor claus looting needs a rework. Either make something to prevent using macros or either just allow to grab all the content by spaming E. It was not my case because as soon as I detected a player on a server looting very fast I just got my macro ready too, but I know a lot of players that due to different reasons dont use macros, and a good part of them just pass to do raptor presents after realizing they dont have any chance vs a macro user. Just E to grab the content of the drop would remove advantages, or if you want to do it more challenging, put a combination of keys like when fishing. Something that cannot be macroed (yes I know there are macros for fishing, but just adding some entropy to the visualization of input letters would defeat that kind of macros).
  5. There is a detailed list made by someone with the ones form raptor and the ones from gacha. I dont remember the original link or creator to credit, this is my personal copy: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1G4UME-wScpGrm6yL7IHOQiRyPEJk1cDMpGrnMmh7WaA/edit?usp=sharing I think the really rare ones are the shapeshifters, the charufe was the very first chibi I looted from raptor claus and the bog spider I have it too.
  6. I started collecting chibis just 5 days ago and I'm missing this 17: Argy, Castoroid, Direwolf, Equus, Oviraptor, Ovis, Phoenix, Procoptodon, Quetzal, Rhino, RockGolem, Shapeshifter (large), Shapeshifter (small), Snow Owl, Theriz, Wyvern, Yuty I have tons of parasaurs, daeodons, baryonix, thylas, stegos...
  7. Yes, manas dissapearing while being ridden on island is still a thing. A tribey lost one just some weeks ago. Official PC.
  8. No, only enabling pve mode worked.
  9. Same bug. Deployed one giga in a space it could collision with another tamed giga. Cannot deploy message then the removed: cryopod at bottom left of the screen. This thing you should look into it devs.
  10. [LOG_RECEIVE] Terminal Entry MM-12 [LOG_RECEIVE] A proper arms race depends on two motivators: [LOG_RECEIVE] Escalation and deterrence. [LOG_RECEIVE] No worries if those forces are in balance. But if the weapons escalate too fast, deterrence doesn't work.
  11. When I came back to ark I started alone in aberration. Try to establish a base in green zone. Tame some bulbdogs and some ravager. Then go for paracer to put a catapult on top so you can tame Karkinos. Then use either karkinos or ravager to tame spino. Imho you can omit megalosaur and other dinos. If you need metal there are good resources in the surface entrances which are safe once you have a lightpet and hazmat. Next is grabbing drake egg. If you are a tribe with some members it shouldnt be hard to do a trip to the nests using spinos and karkis to get some eggs. This is the most challenging part of abe in my opinion. Once you raise the first drake it is very easy to keep getting more eggs. If you can have someone giving away an egg, even if its low level you can shortcut this by a lot.
  12. spawn areas for quetzal in island, if they havent changed, are near the obelisks.
  13. 0,0 is correct as this are the real coords of 50/50 in unreal engine. In fact when items or tames appear in 50/50 its because they get zeroed their coordinates.
  14. Yes, under MIT license as is stated on its github repo. I think you do not need to ask for permission. It is made on AngularJS which will be deprecated soon.
  15. Implement the crumplecorn taming calculator with the new tames. Dodorex (at least at their website) does not have a tool as good as this one was, I still use it when possible.
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