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  1. What about servers where the only thing you can tame are herbivores? No Carnivorous taming at all, including Ovi-Raptor. If all Herbivores included a passive taming mechanic this would increase the need/influence of passive taming for these creatures. An actual 'build trust' with a Creature to work with you and help defend against the un-tamable, unruly beasts such as Raptors, Rexes, etc;
  2. Yes, as I stated before ClassicFlyers allows you to configure on a per species basis via gameusersettings.ini And sadly this doesn't work on a server-wide scale unless I were to offer the adjusted file for download & load.
  3. If stat gains are altered on the server settings for Classic Flyers, is there a way to adjust this in the program? I'm automatically assuming here that the program loads the Classic Flyers.json and expects the mod's default values of course.. But if say I've adjusted the speed gain specifically for Ptera vs Globally other flyers, is there a way to make this function/read properly?
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