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  1. Regarding the new model of the Argentavis, the face reminds me of a Dodo. It feels weird...
  2. Great images as always, congrats to all the winners. @Wolf Angelus, your photos 'Tropical Filter' and 'Mosaic Filter', from which map are they? Thanks!
  3. A recap of different suggestions from me: 1) Have you considered making all creatures to trigger their "defense behavior" as you approach too much? Creatures that defend themselves once attacked should also defend theirselves (attack you) if you get too close to them. And creatures that usually flee should also flee if you try to approach them too much. This'd make sense to both carnivores and herbivores I guess. 2) Training Mesopithecus and Gigantopithecus 3) Argentavis Grab Attack 3) Accessing another player's inventory 4) Order Dino to follow another dino 5) Rideable creatures can use weapons use 6) Any chance you will implement fall damage in wild creatures? Thanks!
  4. I'd say 99% for sure that it WILL NOT be cross-play with Steam version
  5. I was hoping the dino tcl pass would include not only remodelling but also new mechanics, re-balancing, new animtaions/attacks, etc. Can we still expect some of those? Thanks anyway for keeping improving the base game. I don't mind a delay in the upcoming DLC if that means more love for the base game and original creatures
  6. Thanks a lot for the Digest, and thanks for answering one of my questions!
  7. Do you guys think we'll be able to directly farm Element in Aberration without needing to kill any bosses?
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