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  1. Most Creative Dino Names

    We have a few new good name for dinos Quetzal : NotSoFast Giga:McDöglesz Ankylo:Metalminator
  2. taming order?

    Tame is easy, but first u need a berry collector and craft a lot's of narco.
  3. Show me your PVE base designs!

    When I have time I make few pic and upload , but my tribe mate buildet
  4. I don't know why do something to this sever problem's .We can't go to Boss fhigt because we walk 10 step forward and we teleport back 11 -.-"
  5. Post How Long You've Played ARK

  6. Post How Long You've Played ARK

    5497 at now
  7. Can't find otters or ovis

    Okey .I try it today
  8. Can't find otters or ovis

    I try it too , I can't found it
  9. Most Creative Dino Names

    Basilio name : Hot Dog
  10. Most Creative Dino Names

    Bronto name : Kombajnosaurus Therizino name: Freddy Krüger
  11. Most Creative Dino Names

    We have one giga called FatRaptor Sent from my SM-G930W8 using SurviveTheArk Community mobile app
  12. Last 2 event we can't play on Ragna35 and I Breeding now to but so hard to get meat or berry when have this lagg.