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  1. Vilu

    Question About Tek rep

    Killing any of the titans should reward the engram for the replicator. You can craft it at any of the terminals that summon one of the titans, once you've unlocked the engram that is.
  2. https://arkdevtracker.com/?post=brrxkgrb edit: Also as far as I know, if you upload at red obelisk, you can only download them on red obelisk on different map. At least that's for items and dinos, not sure about characters.
  3. Vilu

    Base destroyed by update 286,103

    Just woke up to empty base location... I built there during .103 and now it's gone in .104. Going by tribe logs in-game day and time, it was destroyed with .104 as the server got back up. Location is 46.5 40.7, this is within the sanctuary (one of the platforms) so not sure why it got destroyed... no element veins should spawn in there. Lucky me I can spawn in about what I lost. edit: rollback was able to bring everything back... fingers crossed it wont happen again
  4. Vilu

    Orbital Supply Drop tekgrams not unlocking.

    If you click on the spoiler in my original post, there's a screenshot showing of tek engram dropping, it just isn't working and giving the unlock. The same one dropped during the dev stream, so it's not like they don't know it does drop.
  5. It's trying to get to its follow target. If you pause at 0:31, 1:02 or 1:14, you can see the text: "Following: Coral - Lvl 226". edit: Oh, that's you. Didn't watch the whole video 😛 Then it's likely what invincibleqc below says.
  6. Vilu

    hundreds of castoroides

    Same on my server, there are hundreds of them.
  7. Vilu

    Orbital Supply Drop tekgrams not unlocking.

    Well, they did say during the charity stream that you're supposed to be able to unlock tek engrams on this map via the supply drops (/without doing bosses), they just weren't sure which ones. And as can be seen in my screenshot, a tek engram dropped for me from the supply drop. It just doesn't do anything when you pick it up.
  8. Vilu

    Dino Leash - How's this thing work?

    Just be wary. When my leash got destroyed, either because of invisible meteor (was in sanctuary, so meteors shouldn't get there...) or because I had no batteries in it and it decayed,- when it got destroyed, all (3 of) my dinos in range died. Basically i had the leash right in front of my house, one dino 1 foundation away to the left, another ~3 foundations to right on the other side of the house and one dino on the roof. There was no structure damage done to the (stone) house at all, so I guess it was not a meteor but the leash just dying and taking all the dinos with it. edit: pic: There was no structure damage, so I don't think it was meteor hit killing them. The leash was turned on by default but had no batteries, so I think its health just decayed and it got destroyed. edit: Turns out it might just have been the meteors and not the leash, as those got disabled shortly after because they were damaging and killing dinos inside the safe zones.
  9. So far I've done 2 easy ones (blue). Both times one of the drops was Tek Replicator blueprint/tekgram. Both times nothing happened when I picked it up (no engram unlock, or the item itself) and the item disappeared. Mods on server: S+ and few others, none of which has anything to do with tek or tek engrams. Could it possibly try to give S+ tekgram instead, causing nothing to happen as those require base engram first? Or perhaps it just isn't working 😛 Both times I was spamming E on the piles of the loot and didn't have time to fully read the tooltips. So it's possibility that it may have had text like 0/3 or 1/3 indicating that I need to loot few of them to unlock it. But no idea if the system works like that or if it's supposed to unlock it right away. edit: found and did 3rd easy drop. Once again nothing happens when you pick the "tekgram" up and the item just disappears. Character was between 74 and 76lvl during those 3 drops. Has few points in crafting. Screenshot of it in the ground: Also different character who has the replicator unlocked, can't craft it anywhere? City Terminals don't let you and one cannot interact with orbital drops / they have no inventory. Even if they have, it despawn so fast there's no time to put materials on it, let alone craft anything. So where does one craft it?
  10. Vilu

    TEK Replicator in Extinction

    I've done 2x easy (blue) supply drops so far, each time there was Replicator "tekgram" as a drop, both times it disappeared once I picked it up without giving me the unlock (which I was expecting it to do, since its name was "Tekgram: Tek Replicator") nor did I get the actual replicator. My server does have S+ so not sure if there is a bug that causes it to reward S+ tekgrams, which you cannot learn without the base one. Just a guess, could be that it's just not working as intented. As for the enforces blueprints, at least I cannot place them on City Terminals. edit: Also couldn't interact with supply drop after ejecting loot, so can't craft replicator there either.
  11. Vilu

    Solved: Server Command Line - map name

    Just Extinction, nothing more. edit: https://twitter.com/bubblywums/status/1059527147771973632
  12. Vilu

    Fresh or Transfer

    For me it really depends on the available tekgrams. If there is no official word before or at release, I'll likely start fresh and see myself. If there is a list and I'm happy with it, I'll start fresh. But if it's only few that can be unlocked and/or it completes theCenter engrams nicely I will transfer.