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  1. We have added a new Ragnarok Primal Fear server to our community! This server is a stand alone server. Additional servers maybe added to create a cluster depending on community request. Rates & Info: Harvest x8 Taming and Breeding is x15 Dinos max wild level is 600 Characters max level is 120 Unlimited mind wipes/respects Allow Flyer Carry Flying in caves S+ intake provides water without a water source Transmitter scanning is disabled by community request. Platform structures x5 Increased turret damage No Wipe Server [Unless a mod really breaks something that a rollback won't fix.] Server Name: [8/8] Defiance [PvE] Primal Fear x8 H x15 T/B - (v281.110) Arkservers Link: https://arkservers.net/server/ Mod List: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1468814917 Discord: https://discord.gg/PJZh5SR
  2. Saturday at 12pm central we will be doing a boss fight for engrams and element on the event server. After the boss fight, judging for the breeding event will start! See you all this weekend.
  3. Added Ultra Stacks to the servers. Lots of great places to build across all the servers. Come join the fun!