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  1. Primitive Plus 1.1 Patch Notes

    Care to expand? Saying "stuff still broken" doesn't help anybody?
  2. Primitive Plus 1.1 Patch Notes

    He means it is released. New version is v2.987 Which includes the Prim+ update and some changes to pillars.
  3. Primitive Plus 1.1 Patch Notes

    I would say that using an exploit to keep people unconscious and in jail is not really something to brag about. You are just ruining the game for them.
  4. Primitive Plus 1.1 Patch Notes

    That is 100% NOT what he is saying. What he was saying is that he had to get the PC patch built and confirm the changes, which he has done and it is in QA now. The confusion was down to bad formatting, the Xbox statement was answering a completely different question. The PC patch won't be delayed and will be out soon!
  5. Primitive Plus 1.1 Patch Notes

    I just typed out a long post with links to all the facts from @complexminded Twitter but deleted it because I really don't see the point in carrying this on. As @Jimmy NoShoes has said, there really isn't many insults being thrown, and if I have thrown any then it wasn't meant to be insults. The fact of the matter is that the DLC has been out for just about 2 weeks now and there has been no attempt to patch out even the major game breaking bugs, not even the exploits that are flying around. It would have been so easy to put out a small patch to fix the worst of the issues and then say that he is going to work on the XBox version and fix the other issues while he does it. I am pretty sure most people would of been happy with that! But what has happened has happened and can't be changed all we can do is hope for some better communication in the future, and keep @complexminded fully stocked with coffee and Red Bull so he can get the patch out ASAP! I am not going to comment on the the events of the last 2 weeks anymore, just sit back and wait for the patch.
  6. Primitive Plus 1.1 Patch Notes

    I'm sorry but I still don't agree with this decision. The DLC isn't even out on the Xbox yet so why use it as a test platform? Surely they should be concentrating on getting the PC version fixed before porting it to the Xbox? If nothing else at least you know the code you will be porting will actually work! I go to work in a few hours and I have already agreed with the players on my server that if the patch isn't out when I get home then the server will be wiped and we will go back to the base game. Maybe we will revisit it on a later wipe when it actually works.
  7. Primitive Plus 1.1 Patch Notes

    I don't think anybody, including Jimmy, is saying that Complexmind is not doing a great job because he is. The problem is the DLC has been out for nearly 2 weeks and we still haven't had any patch's to fix even the game breaking problems and we are now told that the reason for the delay is basically because of the Xbox version. They could have released some hotfixes to fix the worst of the issues last week and still worked on the Xbox version and people would of been happy. In fact you could say that @Jimmy NoShoes has been a massive supporter over that last couple of weeks by keeping the bug thread updated!
  8. Primitive Plus 1.1 Patch Notes

    Totally agree with @Jimmy NoShoes I first read the twitter post early morning when I finished work and felt very optimistic about it but now I have slept on it and read the post again I am slightly pissed about it. I don't understand how you can say that you are testing it on the Xbox and that it could take longer but then say your major goal is to get it out to PC users! If that was your goal then why not test it on the PC first and get it working and then work on the Xbox version, at least you would then be using working code for the conversion. I am not sure if it is you that is rushing to get the Xbox version out as soon as possible or if you are being pushed by WC to do it. I just feel that you already have a userbase on the PC that are paying for servers with this DLC installed that can't do anything because it is broken so bad! Personally I am seriously considering removing it from my server and going back to the base game. All I have done for the last few days is collect materials ready for the patch and that is not fun anymore! Finally, I would ask that no matter what the situation please keep us updated on what is happening, this is the major reason why people are getting frustrated!
  9. Primitive Plus 1.1 Patch Notes

    Don't read to much into the XB1 connection, I read it that they are only testing the fixes on the XB1 the PC patch will be out regardless. I don't even think the XB1 version is anyway near ready yet
  10. Primitive Plus 1.1 Patch Notes

    Yeah, I saw that and already decided we won't see the patch til Wednesday.
  11. Primitive Plus 1.1 Patch Notes

    New patch is in testing: Source: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sp03pg