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  1. Cluster Server Problem

    Okay so there is a big problem on the beloved cluster servers right now. So if you are not familiar with cluster servers: Cluster servers are made out of 3 servers. Every server has 100 slots and a different map. So for example you have: * EU-ThehundredCrossArk2-TheIsland (100 player slots) * EU-ThehundredCrossArk2-ScorchedEarth (100 player slots) * EU-ThehundredCrossArk2-TheCenter (100 player slots) These servers are in the same "Server pool" you can swap between them with all your Items, Levels and Dino. So now to the problem: I made a post here 7 days ago (that got removed instantly) about a exploit that was being used a lot that caused everyone to be able to duplicate your items and even Dino. (I wont go into detail because this will most likely be removed if I do) So after my previous post the item duplication got fixed (Thanks Wildcard for listening to my post). But the Dino duplication seems to still be in use. However now there are certain tribes that have been smart enough to know that the fix was coming so they have stacked up on: Duped Dino (Especially Pteradon's there are currently bases that have around 200 identical Pteradon's), Items (Such as explosives and overall metal and resources that are hard to obtain), and have even used these resources to level up really quickly (There is someone already level 96 (Keep in mind these servers have been up for less then 2 weeks)). So what now? We absolutely love the idea of the cluster servers but it is literally impossible to use or play on them since these tribes that have stacked up just destroy everyone who even gets 1 metal foundation on the ground. Even when you get far enough to have a decent base (like us) it wont happen you will just get overrun by their amount of Dino and resources (you will have to think about something like level 250 Pteradon's completely covered in C4 suicide bombing into your base). Every tribe I have met since have told me to just give up on cluster servers because I simply didn't use the duplication bug to compete. This makes me really frustrated since the cluster servers were exactly what me and my tribe were looking for. Please WildCard give some attention to this issue and do a wipe. It is the only way to fix this abuse as there are too many tribes that have abused this and you just can't compete with them unless you also cheated and abused the glitch. Thanks for reading. TL;DR: Duping bug on Cluster Servers, WildCard please fix and wipe.