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  1. This is correct, I just got a chibi carbonemys after cracking 11 eggs. You have to place them and crack them and there is a chance you will get a chibi
  2. Not only Xbox. Official PVE in PC got it aswell and I hope they disable it since its kinda pointless to have to wait 10s to farm with the anky
  3. Lootcrates in official I need to know if you can actually get TEK structures from T2 lootcrates like everyone is saying. Has anyone gotten any of these on OFFICIAL? To me it looks like SP has different loot tables
  4. U got a tek repli from a crate? Was this on offi?
  5. F to everyone else who lost their time to this bug.I just feel like WC releasing glitched s*** is just a meme at this point
  6. Removing cryo sickness was a good thing, I think they should get rid of this stupid 24h cooldown aswell. Nobody likes having to wait 24h to craft and ppl just use alt characters.
  7. Mutations are not what they intended them to be and I think they should be removed from the game.
  8. Mutations were introduced back in 2016 in patch v252.0, introduced in the patch notes as: ' New Mechanic: Breeding Phase 3: Random Mutations and Family Trees. At last!!!!' At that time the devs did not intend mutations to become what they are, thats why they added the 'Random Mutations' counter to hopefully limit the amount of times you can mutate a dino. But they failed. The counter didn't work, and people started mindlessly breeding. They could have fixed the counter or reverted the change, but instead they just forgot about it. Its been 4 years and still they haven't touched it and the game has become what it is. But now lets imagine how could the game be if instead, they chose to just remove that change. And I'm not saying they should or not I'm just saying lets imagine. The rest of the breeding mechanics would stay the same, but there's no mutations, specifically stat mutations. Color mutations could have stayed. Advantages: -More diversity. People tend to breed the same species, both in PvE and PvP. This means that the creatures that people do not breed end up becoming unseen and useless because they lack the stats. Without mutations, those 'off-meta' creatures have more relevance. -Base defenses gain much more value at any stage of the game, but soaking is still possible since you still have high armor saddles, imprinting and a bunch of healing methods. -Ironically, high stat genes become more valuable and rare. With mutations anyone will have the stats given enough time. But without mutations, you have to get lucky and find a high stat from the wild and when this happens it creates hype. -A better chance for new players. PvP would still be unbalanced, since alpha tribes still have the blueprints, imprinted gigas, tek, etc but without the mutated lines everything becomes just a bit more balanced. -Mental disconnection time. Since the late game is not 90% about breeding anymore you breed when you need it and thats it. You log off and forget about the game completely and come back when you feel like it, not when theres 100 eggs about to hatch. Disadvantages: -The only disadvantage I see is the official people who already bred lines for years, and I really respect this people for their hard work and dedication. These people legit dedicate their lives to the game. If this change actually happened they should make it on a new cluster and keep the old servers like they did on legacy. Its crazy how such a 'minor' change in 2016 has completely made the game orbit around it for years. What do you guys think?
  9. Make a copy and use freely. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HYbU1V9TD9iJwA98Ut_TnWkq5yaUWn8JJUBFH5KrPk8/edit?usp=sharing
  10. Why does manticore have to be such a pain? I know this has been said a thousand times but I just don't get it. Every other boss goes down easy if you have the stats or you can just go to ext with 1 good rex or giga and get 500 element from one vein. I tried playing valguero but whats the point of having main base here if ele is gonna be such a pain. There is players doing alpha drake in the island with literally 5 mounted deinonychus with average stats and nothing else, and then there's me dying to g a m m a valguero arena with stat capped rexes bc manticore doesn't want to land. I took the first 2 bosses in around 1 min each and then waited without moving for it to land, but nothing. Btw this was in Official PVE and solo.
  11. Im confused tho. A guy just posted a screen of a zombie wyvern on rag. Maybe there is dodowyvern on rag? Can anyone check?
  12. At the VERY start were the golden days of ark, because nobody knew the game and everyone was having fun learning. But the fact that you say that PVE it's at its worst right now? Makes me really think you didn't LIVE the tame cap experience. Maybe you heard about it, but I can guarantee that ANYONE who had to deal with that poop will agree that PVE is nowadays WAY better. Pillaring is not a major problem, just build somewhere else and place your own pillars. You can play the whole game.
  13. Bro listen, I play this game since it came out in every gamemode and I can tell you Official PVE is now x100 times better than it used to be. Before the kibble rework and cryopods not only there was pillars, but if you went close to any base you would get 3 fps because of the insane amount of dinos rendering in one base that you needed for the kibbles. And this is the good part, the worst part is that since everyone needed to have all these dinos, tribes started competing for slots and every server got tame capped, meaning that if you wanted to start from scratch, you'd have to play without tames which kinda kills the whole purpose of the game.
  14. Are you playing official? If so, first off you want to join the smalltribe servers. They have better rates so you can get started faster. Official pvp is hard, and if you don't know what ur doing you'll get wiped everyday. Even if you know what you're doing, as a solo player is hard to survive. You'll want to find a hidden spot and pray that you don't get found. Making a base with defences solo right now is pretty much impossible, and if you wanna find out more about why it's so hard and a possible solution you should read this suggestion I wrote. Link If you really wanna be able to have a chance as a solo player in a pvp server, you probably want to try unofficial servers.
  15. The problem with adding flat damage is that with cakes and the crazy amounts of hp mutations + saddles you can just have 1 dino soaking while other 4 heal up with a snow owl and just cycle between them, so basically you can soak nonstop. So at that point its all about how long does it take for the turret to empty. A fully stacked heavy can have up to 5800 bullets, but they consume 4 per shot so its 1450 shots. If the rate of fire is 2.88 shots per second, then one fully stacked heavy will only last about 8 minutes. Thats why I think slower ammo consumption is better than more damage.
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