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  1. bug_eye_dino_1.mov What the Hell happened while I was a away bug_eye_dino_1.mov
  2. If we don't get Mods blame it on Sony, they hate Mods because "MOdS aRE a BrEAcH tO OUr SeCUrITy1!1!1!1!1!" They won't allow external assets so no Ark Addtions, no CFK, no Kraken's better Dinos, most of the cool mods. Maybe variant Mods and the Gameplay mods would be fine (and those would be the ones you could blame Wildcard for not allowing), but don't get mad at them. Get mad at Sony. Also I used to be a Playstation player so please don't get mad at me :(
  3. So my prediction for when the Val vote comes out will be when Dreadnoughtus's Dossier is revealed, from what I remember the vote comes out in either the same Crunch or the one after that of the Dossier.
  4. Accurate is sort of a term for lack of a better word, we'll never know what these animals really looked like, but we have Animals like Mircoraptor (Which was irridescent black) and Sinosauropteryx (Which was red with white stripes on it's tail) I know that, but I'm saying making them fit in with the newer Dinosaurs. Here's a comparision between the current Giga and the Carcharodontosaurus (With the "accurate" versions too) Now here's the "accurate" versions The Carch is fairly accurate, the spikes are the only Awesomebro thing about it. The Giganotosaurus however is much more like T.rex, has larger arms, pronated wrists, and is a lot more chunky.
  5. Look at the Carcharodontosaurus, then Look at the Giganotosaurus. Both fill the same role but look completely diffrent, maybe not use Ark 2 models but instead remodel most of the current dinos to have that same 50% Awesomebro and 50% Accurate vibe that the new ones like the Dinopthecus and Carcharodontosaurus have EDIT: Also didn't Sega reuse models for Sonic Frontier's Cyberspace levels for the sake of "Convienence", the point is it kinda does make sense when you compare the old Dinos to the new ones
  6. I am a very mildly annoyed that the Ark 2 models weren't used. This is because most of the new Prehistoric/Extinct dinos look pretty out of place compared to the old ones. Basically the new ones are accurate Dinosaurs with an slight bit of Awesomebro in there The old ones are just straight up Awesomebro style Dinosaurs Other than that though, this is very good
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