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  1. I got my box yesterday and I felt like a child on Christmas day opening a gift I waited all year for haha, I absolutely love everything in it, the necklace was a lot better quality than I hoped for as well. My favorite item has to be the book, lovely leather and binding and the pages are wonderfully printed and so big as well, definitely something I'm treasuring for life. Shipping made the cost double of what it was for my country, but it was worth it, this game has given me and my friends years worth of bonding and gaming together and I couldn't pass this up.
  2. Yay I'm glad to hear they finally acknowledged you guys and it's finally sorted, hope things goes much smoother from here and totally looking forward to getting my hands on a collectors edition.
  3. Any update at all on Non-US orders would be really nice....we've waited almost 3 weeks now
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