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  1. That was the only counter argument I could come up with until I realized that on all other servers they are still considered 'crafted'. All maps but one consider rewards/drop items as crafted.
  2. No. The grinder does not retain its purpose. Are you repurposing the grinder to just "grind certain resources" now? Until the description omits "grinding crafted items", then the grinder in this instance is useless. Are you just a troll? The logic here is really simple lol.
  3. War of the Dino worlds. Asian Zerg tribe invades the Server of XYZ and the server goes into panic! Only the real Hereos of XYZ manage to save the server!
  4. I supported breast cancer by painting my tribemates dong pink (naturalism mod). That's about it and I logged off.
  5. Deff tricky to manipulate the values to get even a smudge of what you prefer lol Finally got a good value for tree density, thank god. Brb while I experiment some more
  6. Anyone able to supply pictures of their maps, hopefully a few with different values so we can get a perspective of the values-
  7. Naming should be automatic- Say if I breed one trike named Hilary to a male trike named Put in jail, the baby should automatically be named Hilary Put in jail.
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