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  1. Do you do these on the ark canvas? I’ve been looking for someone who could create a few canvas’s for me on Xbox PvE.
  2. I’m seeing the rollback, but the disconnects are still here, and it’s early afternoon. Microsoft hasn’t got out of bed yet. RIP ark population.
  3. Thanks for the information. It’s really unfortunate, considering we all planned for it to work. But hopefully you give quite the extension to compensate for the broken pieces.
  4. Fixing anything Wildcard? What is going on here? Are we planning to do anything about the chaos that the newest update caused? We the people need to know. Are we supposed to sit here waiting for it? Fill us in Wildcard. We’re losing Dino’s to this ridiculousness.
  5. It would be if you could use any of the content. It would help to know when they’ll fix things instead of adding more broken pieces
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