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  1. I’ve been trying to make Ark life a bit easier by way of teleporting. However, I’m not exactly sure what is or isn’t a no-build zone, if by biome or resource spawn. On GenTwo, is the space in between off limits to building? I get that you can’t build on asteroids, but what of the walls?
  2. I’m having an aneurism trying to figure out why the color is there then.
  3. I’ve been breeding shadowmanes like crazy, and while the color indicators for natural armor vary between only green and blue, the armor has stayed at 124.8. Curiosity is knocking like a neighbor with a noise complaint. Are there specific intentions for the varying armor values? Will we see reds and yellows? Will the green and blues drop in armor value? What is happening here? Sincerely, Suitcase MkV
  4. Is anyone going to release some information about when we can actually enjoy the summer bash event? People on Genesis 2 can’t even log in for more than a few seconds before they get kicked. Dear diary, 20210704, can’t play a game I purchased.
  5. Do you do these on the ark canvas? I’ve been looking for someone who could create a few canvas’s for me on Xbox PvE.
  6. It would be if you could use any of the content. It would help to know when they’ll fix things instead of adding more broken pieces
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