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  1. I want to see the Pre-enforcement team bans looked at? Some mad moderator and his unethical blanket bans. If you're going to eliminate the Legacy servers why not eliminate the Legacy bans? There was 1,700 bans before the game was released. Some of these Bans were 200+ accounts big. Because there was no proper way to moderate to servers so they would just wipe complete alliances 20+ tribes from 20 different servers that influenced hundred more accounts just on word-of-mouth of how bad these bans were. that's how you get a community not really having positive feedback over the Internet or to friends.
  2. is there going to be an admin going around and feeding all the tames
  3. How about Justice for the players before introduction of the enforcement team or is blanket bans still a policy for one cheater?
  4. like I stated before I don't think anybody would want W/C on there resume. you work for a company like this that stays for you for life. you wouldn't want to be known as a game developers that worked on Ark.
  5. it's a video game and you think it's ethical to ban 200 accounts base on one person cheating? what game mechanic or ethical tool is used in the game investigate anybody of past or present intent on cheating there is none. so how can you definitely say if one person is cheater or not. no matter what kind of benefit gain game in the game or not gain in the game. 200 Accounts at $60 a pop and the population or ethical problem you choose bring to your game because of one cheater. doesn't sound like any game mechanic on any game that I've ever heard of. the 1% always ruins it for the 99% then you get fan boys at think that everybody's a cheater hahaha
  6. here's a better question. Will W/C allow him to buy another copy to play on official or is he banned no matter how many copies he buys. Even though he got banned off of that account on an unofficial activity. In pass bans individuals were allowed to buy another copy and play on officials again.
  7. it doesn't matter if he appeals are not he won't get any information on his ban. They don't share any of their information on their Ban policies of why you are ban for. all I can do is appeal it and hopefully he gets the ban lifted if not he just stays ban for no reason giving or entertained..
  8. first off the code of conduct is full of lies and contradicting stuff. these blanket Bans are so unethical. Banning 200 accounts for one person cheating is just wrong. Trying to justify these bans because it benefits a whole tribe??????? OMG that's a $60 game you just ban somebody for not even knowing what's going on when it's somebody else cheats. whenever the ark developers get off their high horse and address cheating in a real way instead of these blanket bans the game is lost.
  9. well let me know how that ends up
  10. your lost character is gone. It's one of the game fundamental game-breaking bug. there is no lost character recovery system. Just make a new one is the the developer's official stance
  11. Is this a trick question? didnt you just say that you got a cryopod with a 400 rex. That how you get one !!!!!! hahahaha
  12. isn't that the Lost character mechanics??? that wasn't intentional game mechanics to help wipe and balanced tribes????
  13. Atlas is a total conversion mod for money!!!!
  14. """Rest assured, whether it's more TLC, new DLC, new mechanics, or new modes we will be continuing to support ARK through 2019""" why isnt there a plan if """"The ARK team is as big as it’s ever been."""" there would be a DLC OR something announce for the future of ArK. Your dev team need to reevaluate how they promote games. not your use Community to move to a new game. That's just dumm. and then after seeing all the backlash from Atlas you guys are backtracking back to the future of Ark, come on. I am glad that I'm here to watch your studio explode. cheers never give up on your convictions
  15. mob mentality when it comes to game changes. look everyone we got 6k ppl to sign we get what we want now hahaha. The dev's know what there doing the game is great the population growing. I'm sure the game is flying off the shelf with sales.
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