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  1. too bad your game is still trash finding exports too late and punishing people that had nothing to do with the exploits
  2. your code of conduct is still a mess. you've decided to take down all the PVP servers from Legacy but not fixing any of the Legacy bans because of the multiple bugs in your game. if you're going to purge all your legacy servers you should expunge your huge blanket bans.
  3. this is why there's no fair and competitive PVP on your network. the old infiltrate your tribe with a cheater account to get you banned. Well you guys asked for it you guys set it up and now this is what you have in your community. it's my responsibility hahaha because you can't do your job and finding exploits and duper's and cheaters you punish the rest of your Community you guys are sad. I bet you the five man csgo players are laughing at these game mechanics one cheater ban the whole group oh no that dosent happen in CSGO. oh wait maybe in WoW someone gets caught ch
  4. """Be careful who you invite into your tribe, only invite those you trust. """" because you can get your account banned by somebody else. which is just plain stupid that somebody gets their account banned for somebody else cheating.
  5. the dumbest thing I've done in Ark with joining a tribe!!!! and because of my poor and dumb decision on not screening every single person in My Tribe I'm no longer allowed to play on official servers anymore.
  6. unless you're playing on the official Network there's no reason to buy the DLCs. Steam Workshop has plenty of stuff you can download and play with. no need for the DLC's.
  7. I think that's a game correction when it Dup your character for when you lose your character when they can't give that character with imprints
  8. I always thought that the PVP server should be in a tiered system. server 1 gets 10x all the time so it is fought over more and then down the line do the same thing server 2 and 3 only get 5x but you can only get to server 1 through server 2 or server 3. server 5,6,7,8 and 9 all get 2x and you can only get the server 2 in 3 through the servers and so on.
  9. I really wish we could but they're certain language or topics that are not allowed on this form boards. QoL unable to play in a tribe on official servers in fear of enforcement team. There's no way to guarantee my account security. Unwilling to put the fate of my account into somebody else's hands when it comes to enforcement. The game is no longer a social game for me. so we talk about quality of life stuff in Ark all I can think about man it would be cool to be in a tribe again but reality is Solo life for me. I might not have a bug or a certain glitch quality of life but this is still
  10. I wish we could have a true discussion about quality-of-life issues in Ark.
  11. I want to see the Pre-enforcement team bans looked at? Some mad moderator and his unethical blanket bans. If you're going to eliminate the Legacy servers why not eliminate the Legacy bans? There was 1,700 bans before the game was released. Some of these Bans were 200+ accounts big. Because there was no proper way to moderate to servers so they would just wipe complete alliances 20+ tribes from 20 different servers that influenced hundred more accounts just on word-of-mouth of how bad these bans were. that's how you get a community not really having positive feedback over the
  12. is there going to be an admin going around and feeding all the tames
  13. How about Justice for the players before introduction of the enforcement team or is blanket bans still a policy for one cheater?
  14. """Rest assured, whether it's more TLC, new DLC, new mechanics, or new modes we will be continuing to support ARK through 2019""" why isnt there a plan if """"The ARK team is as big as it’s ever been."""" there would be a DLC OR something announce for the future of ArK. Your dev team need to reevaluate how they promote games. not your use Community to move to a new game. That's just dumm. and then after seeing all the backlash from Atlas you guys are backtracking back to the future of Ark, come on. I am glad that I'm here to watch your studio explode. cheers never give up on your c
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