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  1. irishtaylor77

    New Baby Dino Imprinting system

    Hey guys! Irish here! So sometimes when raising baby dinos I find myself unable to aquire the kibble that it asks for and sometimes it happens on the first request and in this case I raise the baby unable to get any imprinting bonus The new system is just a slight change, as soon as the baby dino is ready for imprint the imprint timer restarts, if the player doesn't imprint before the timer expires the baby will ask for its next imprint, allowing players to get passed a kibble they can't aquire.
  2. This is raptoring sad!!! Sorry about another delay!! And for the trouble here's a regular x2 event.... BS
  3. irishtaylor77

    Fix poison wyverns killing riders.

    lol the bolt isn't hitting the rider, you just suck as using wyvern, go QQ somewhere else
  4. irishtaylor77

    Fix poison wyverns killing riders.

    It's supposed to happen, it's not a glitch!! If you throw poison gas in real life and are too close it's gonna hurt you. If you have a dragon you should be able to make a mask! Quit being a noob/whiner
  5. irishtaylor77

    Your ARK Stories!

    Hey guys first off I wanna shout out to team Wild Card!! Amazing job on the game and it's progress, can't wait to see where it goes from launch! Alright!!! Well I play on primitive PvE server 451 and have been there since almost day 1 of xbox preview release, there are few other players on the server that are day one players. We have an amazing community of players that get together and help eachother out with various things on the island wether it be taming a new Rex, or going on a dungeon run. We recently built a Colosseum on our server where we do events every weekend, and the events consist of racing, spear throwing, Archery, and soon melee combat. We race all sorts of dinos such as Raptors, Equus, Ovis, Turtle, Iguanadon, and more to come. These races come with great reward for 1st place and because of this it has inspired players to breed dinos to have stats favorable for the colosseum events. There are tribes who pride themselves on their purebred racing sheep and horses and it gets very competitive, check out our xbox club for pictures @"Ark Colosseum Events" or join us at the colosseum live on "official xbox server primitive 451" or on twitch @Irishtaylor777