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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. New Baby Dino Imprinting system

    Hey guys! Irish here! So sometimes when raising baby dinos I find myself unable to aquire the kibble that it asks for and sometimes it happens on the first request and in this case I raise the baby unable to get any imprinting bonus The new system is just a slight change, as soon as the baby dino is ready for imprint the imprint timer restarts, if the player doesn't imprint before the timer expires the baby will ask for its next imprint, allowing players to get passed a kibble they can't aquire.
  2. This is raptoring sad!!! Sorry about another delay!! And for the trouble here's a regular x2 event.... BS
  3. Fix poison wyverns killing riders.

    lol the bolt isn't hitting the rider, you just suck as using wyvern, go QQ somewhere else
  4. Fix poison wyverns killing riders.

    It's supposed to happen, it's not a glitch!! If you throw poison gas in real life and are too close it's gonna hurt you. If you have a dragon you should be able to make a mask! Quit being a noob/whiner
  5. Hey guys!! So for the first DLC of the season pass I think it would be cool if we got decorative props I'm going to list a few things! Please add on your ideas below!! - new wall sconces -sheild and cross sword wall hanging -Large decorative props such as a large water well, and statues (statues could use alpha trophies to make them look like their respective owner) - new types of flags, string of small triangle flags, wall banners, awnings, really small flags for pointing things out or strategizing an attack -suits of armor - new sets of furniture, beds, tables, chairs, counter tops, and wall mounted shelve/bookshelve (reg item inventory/ blueprint only inventory) - chandelier several styles - place alpha trophies and apex dino items on trophy stands.
  6. NEW flag options??

    Hey guys it's Irish again!! So I think it would be awesome if the flags had a new option wheel, on this option wheel would be new options such as Carry, Pick up, and unlock. The option "Carry" allows you to hold the flag In both of your hands and walk/run around with it, the option "Pick up" would allow you to pick up the flag and replace it any where you like. The "unlock" option would allow anyone access to the "Carry/Pickup" options. (While holding the flag In your hands and in the event that you die while doing so, the flag drops on the ground in the upright position at the location of death) Also when looking at the flag and close enough you could get the option to press "Y" for console to pick up the flag, and double tap "Y" to place the flag down.

    So now that per pixel painting is out on consoles and everyone can do it, now it's time to expand onto this Feature!!! -Boat Sails (my Sails would look epic with my tribe logo on the front)

    It would be so awesome if you could go into the dino option settings on the hyeanodon and activate an option that allows the meatsack to be used as a feeding trough. And when set on wander it becomes a wandering feeding trough, but the hyeanodon consumes more food when the meatsack is set to feeding trough mode.
  9. Your ARK Stories!

    Hey guys first off I wanna shout out to team Wild Card!! Amazing job on the game and it's progress, can't wait to see where it goes from launch! Alright!!! Well I play on primitive PvE server 451 and have been there since almost day 1 of xbox preview release, there are few other players on the server that are day one players. We have an amazing community of players that get together and help eachother out with various things on the island wether it be taming a new Rex, or going on a dungeon run. We recently built a Colosseum on our server where we do events every weekend, and the events consist of racing, spear throwing, Archery, and soon melee combat. We race all sorts of dinos such as Raptors, Equus, Ovis, Turtle, Iguanadon, and more to come. These races come with great reward for 1st place and because of this it has inspired players to breed dinos to have stats favorable for the colosseum events. There are tribes who pride themselves on their purebred racing sheep and horses and it gets very competitive, check out our xbox club for pictures @"Ark Colosseum Events" or join us at the colosseum live on "official xbox server primitive 451" or on twitch @Irishtaylor777
  10. New Dedicated server option

    Hey guys it would be awesome if we got a new host option for the dedicated servers, that would allow players to Download their player and Ark data between 2 specific dedicated servers. Example: friend A is running a dedicated server on "the island", friend B is running a dedicated server on "Scorched Earth", and Friend C is running a dedicated server on "Ragnarok" all have the same server settings and each are listed in each others "list of servers downloadable from". This would allow us to host several servers that are connected through server transfer but stop people from bringing buffed up dinos from other less restricted dedicated servers. Let me know what you guys think!!
  11. PvE Duel option

    PvE is for role-playing! And we roleplay by having events at the colosseum, learn what PvE is really for
  12. PvE Duel option

    Visit the xbox club: Ark Colosseum Events for pictures of the events
  13. PvE Duel option

    Hey guys! My server over on 451 would love the option to have personal duels that are seperate from the tribe wars, that way we can have duels and Dino duels in the coliseum I built, Right now we just have races like turtle, dodo, sheep, and horse races. How it could work: Walk up to a player and go to the option wheel, on the opposite side from tribe war could be "request duel" when that option is selected a green ring will appear around the player requesting the duel, any dino or player inside the ring belonging to either players tribes will partake in the duel if they are still inside the ring when the duel is accepted. (the green rings diameter will be the same as uploading a dino) When the duel is accepted all players will have 30 seconds to get ready, after the 30 seconds the duel will start, when a player or dino reaches 10% health they become invulnerable and Pass out, If a player strays too far from the center of where the duel started that player will be kicked from the duel after a period of time. The duel ends when all players on one side are Passed out. Let me know what you guys think!! I would love this, it would increase the possibilities of the type of events we have at our coliseum.
  14. New tek tier cave!!!

    It would be amazing to see a cave with a tek vault entrance and in order to enter the cave you must power the door with the resource "element", the amount of element placed in the inventory determines how much time you have in the cave, if the element runs out the entrance closes and the entire cave depressurizes suffocating any survivor still inside. This cave could have tiers, loot crates every good distance but requires skill and time, the further down you get into the cave the better the tier of loot you receive, but to go down further requires more element.