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  1. A couple of days ago, I uploaded a raised thyleo up into the green obi on scortched. It disappeared and was in the ark download list. Normal. I uploaded a raised bear next, then I transferred to a different server. When I got to my main center server, I went to download(maybe took me 5 mins in-between upload/download) them but only the bear showed. The thyleo vanished from the ark. I looked all over the area I uploaded them from on scortched and even tried going to a different server. Nothing. It took a lot of effort to raise this baby and to just have it disappear out of thin air is disappointing.
  2. Wild Dino's in Base

    No bare ground and its all foundations, no pillars were used. I was actually lucky enough to have a completely flat spot by the green obi that wasn't already being used.
  3. Server rollback

    Not too much you can do, but submit a ticket. I had this happen to me before. 30 minute roll back. Did this for a good two hours, rolling back to that same time. Some poor soul was trying to get a giga with a wyvern. He would come back each time and it was a guessing game if the wyvern was killed or not. In the end he lost the wyvern but gained a 150 red giga. He is still waiting to hear from WC about his wyvern.
  4. What just happened???

    If you go out of render distance and come back, it usually fixes the issue.
  5. Wild Dino's in Base

    Wild Dino's in Base I am on an official SE server and I have been having issues with wild Dino's in my base. I am not sure if they are glitching in or just spawning in and its getting annoying. I have replaced so many dinos its crazy. I have had a wild wyverns, wolves, scorpions, and mantis end up in there. I have two gigas, two Rex's, allos, wolves, bears in this garage and these are on neutral, but the wild Dino's are not being killed fast enough. Its a completely enclosed 20x15 adobe base. I do have a workshop next to it and I will sometimes get vulture in there, but nothing major. Has anyone else having this trouble and how are you working around this?
  6. Loses because of constant crashing.

    I have lost multiple dinos because of this crash. Just today both me and my 145 shark(Blueberry) were devoured by anglers because I was booted. The dino can't even attack while your booted because you are still sitting on the dino until you log back in. Your lucky if you are on a ptera/Argy and low enough to the ground to fall safely to the ground, if not good luck trying to find your bird or if lands but then gets eaten by a level 4 dilo. This game is really unplayable right now.
  7. Crashing Problem since Patch v738

    This is kinda ridiculous, I crash daily now and I am afraid to go anywhere with out a safety buddy. Since this has started happening it has killed two 145 plesi, a 125 shark, 3 teras, a kangaroo, and multiple Ichthys due to this crash. That is not to mention that when they died I lost my good gear. I am stuck flying around on a quetz with a bed on it in cloth armor. It does seem to happen when ever there is a major loading of an area, like someones base, rendering a section of the map, or if there are a lot of spawns.