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  1. GuardianAce

    Loses because of constant crashing.

    I have lost multiple dinos because of this crash. Just today both me and my 145 shark(Blueberry) were devoured by anglers because I was booted. The dino can't even attack while your booted because you are still sitting on the dino until you log back in. Your lucky if you are on a ptera/Argy and low enough to the ground to fall safely to the ground, if not good luck trying to find your bird or if lands but then gets eaten by a level 4 dilo. This game is really unplayable right now.
  2. GuardianAce

    Crashing Problem since Patch v738

    This is kinda ridiculous, I crash daily now and I am afraid to go anywhere with out a safety buddy. Since this has started happening it has killed two 145 plesi, a 125 shark, 3 teras, a kangaroo, and multiple Ichthys due to this crash. That is not to mention that when they died I lost my good gear. I am stuck flying around on a quetz with a bed on it in cloth armor. It does seem to happen when ever there is a major loading of an area, like someones base, rendering a section of the map, or if there are a lot of spawns.