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  1. Hi there!, I host a small 2 server cluster with a secondary map rotating server on Nitrado and I'm looking to populate it! Are you tired of the variable Flood of EZ craft/ Fiber craft servers? Has it been to long since you found a challenging server, were nothing was handed to you, and nothing is ever a guarantee? A server were the players you raid or are raided by, will fight you tooth and nail? This is the type of server we strive to provide. We hope you consider us over other servers on your next adventure! We look forward to your arrival. Stats and name are as follows. Name: Grinders Ark Offical Server. Taming is 10x Maturing/Breeding/Hatching are 10x respectively with a .5 cool down interval. The only boosted player stat is weight by 70x. Dion Weight and Stamina are 30x and 20x in order. Max level wild Dinos reach 255. Loot drops and Fishing are both 2x and 3x. There are no Admins, and this is key, there is also a great deal of transparency, in the event commands are absolutely necessary, i.e., in the event of meshers or glitchers, all commands are broadcast into chat so player know exactly what happened. Our primary map is Ragnarok and our Side cluster Rotates weekly between Extinction and Aberration with the same stats and setting as the main server. If you have any further questions, my xbox gamertag is FangedCar2. Feel free to message me with any further questions and concerns.
  2. One more thing, there are now less player on pc ark, than there are xbox, but xbox gets delayed
  3. It's not enough your all corrupt and give very little care to us players seeing as your 50 person studio is rolling is cash from what will probably be your only big hit game before you go bankrupt and get bought out by a bigger company, but your so disgustingly predictable, ark youtubers were predicting your push back months in advance, and let's not forget the entire library of features, items, tames, and content that was announced but never done, even easy stuff like naming a tool, no lol were wildcard, well just hype up a dlc and push it back so it seems like we care about fixing a game full of bugs and glitches, and we wont addresse the blatant corruption of our in game moderators/admins, were factual and video evidence was provided or the fact that were killing out player base off with unfulfilled promises nope...... well do another dlc...
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