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  1. Peaceful PVP Server

    it is peaceful. since we wiped out all the bigger sketchy tribes people have been able to grow tremendously. So yes it is a peaceful PVP server. we want the server to grow. thats why we monitor it so closely
  2. Peaceful PVP Server

    its an official ark server
  3. Peaceful PVP Server

    I look forward to seeing you out there!
  4. Hello all I would just like to inform everyone and anyone who is looking for a peaceful server to build on that 323 is your place to be. I am in the alpha tribe called The New Guys and we would really like to see the server grow. Being the alphas we make sure that the peace is kept and if it is broken we handle it. On average we have about 20 people playing on the server so its a perfect place to build and enjoy yourself! I hope to see some of you guys out there!