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  1. Is there a discord or a different way to contact you? It says you cant receive messages on here
  2. I'm very interested in joining and helping to promote the server. Is there a way to contact you? Xbox Gamertag: GiggleSnarf.
  3. Had to change it to vanilla mode. Certain dinos wont spawn in prim at the moment. We do not have a discord for the server currently.
  4. [US] SNARFS SURVIVAL - VALGUERO Server name: [US] SNARFS SURVIVAL - VALGUERO Map: Valguero Stats: XP Multiplier (6.0) Taming Speed (6.0) Harvest Multiplier (4.0) Mating Multiplier (0.3) Egg Hatch speed (5.0) Baby Maturation (5.0) This is a server for those who enjoy the grind. For more information message me on Xbox @ GiggleSnarf. Join our new discord for information on events and prizes! https://discord.gg/PQ7RwtC
  5. hey was curious about your server and if my friends and i could join.  We have around 4-5 players in our tribe.  Get back to me.

    1. GiggleSnarf


      Absolutely, You have read the rules correct? Just add the host account PrimPlus and send a message and I will whitelist you and your friends. If you know anyone else looking for a good server let em know about us. We need some more active people.


  6. The delays are getting very old. I was already losing faith in you guys when you delayed the expansion the first time. I get that it will be good when we get it, but that is if we get it. I dont have any confidence in your ability to release major updates on time. I get that you are a small team, but if you cant stick to deadlines, dont lie to your fans about it. Not a good business practice. You guys were my favorite devs, but this just tarnished that opinion.
  7. If you're interested in an over 18, friendly server let me know! We got a great community over at Ark n Saur. All we ask is that you join the Ark n Saur Facebook group and not be sausage! You won't get offline raided (offline raiding is on, but that's mainly due to it affecting treasure hunts). Just make sure any friends you invite to the server are over 18,  

    The link below shows the server rules and info. Would be great to see you there!


  8. Eagerly awaiting September 1st. Hopefully I dont have to crouch to walk through doors lol, fingers crossed.

  9. It sucks man, I am normally on the side of the devs, but this has really pissed me off. I ruined my server before i even needed to.
  10. Did you even read the post? It doesnt come out for a few weeks on XBOX. They delayed it on the day it was supposed to come out.
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