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  1. Thank you Evilrumina. I also did some digging around and found one called “Amissa”. it doesn’t have any Extinction stuff on it. They have an “Upcoming featured” section in their description so I think they will be adding that stuff eventually. EDIT! Olympis looks like a good one too. I need to check it out though.
  2. Yeah, I thought about that shortly after I posted, but i’m Sure there has to be a map that at least contains everything from scorched earth and Arberation. I been looking around in the Steam Workshop to see what I can find. Nothings really jumping out at me yet(there’s so many “Test maps”. Someone should clean that stuff up) i’m all Ears though if you have any maps you would like to sugest checking out.
  3. It’s not lazy it’s “Poor”. I don’t have the money to run more than one server, so I need a map that has everything... thanks for making rude assumptions about me though. Lol
  4. Ok, so I know that what map is the “best map” is a matter of opinion, but here’s what i’m Looking for in a map. Scorched earth dessert. Scorched earth animals, and crafting materials. Arberation Underground.arberation animals, and crafting materials. lots of deep deep water. One thing I hated about Scorched earth and arberation was the lack of a proper ocean. and all the classic bioms. Redwoods, swamps, snow, and bonus points if it has a volcanic place like the Center had. All Engrams. This is what i’m Really looking for and feel the absolute BEST Ark Map should have. All Engrams from all Vanella Ark, Scorched Earth, Arberation, and Extenction are available to learn, have their craft materials available somewhere in the map, are all usuful as they were intended to be used in their respective expansions, and last but not least this would include the Tek Engrams. All of them. Unlockable somehow(probably threw boss fights) the Best map would be a complete map that has EVERYTHING. A map that you can start out as a lvl 1 noob, and end up fully ascended with all Engrams(including Tek) without having to Server jump, or use cheat codes.
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