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  1. Bigboss84

    Not a Bug, but a suggestion.

    This is something a Tribe admin can do?
  2. UPDATE! I have increased the Tribe limit to 5.
  3. So people in my tribe keep stealing from each other. Thankfully, i’m The Tribe leader, so my doors are all admin locked, but every tribe i’ve Been in allways seems to have at least one person in it that can’t keep their hands off other people’s stuff. a way to lock doors so that only YOU(You Spacifically and not your tribe members) would be a very helpful and welcome addition to the game.
  4. Hey all, i been running a rented Server for a couple of weeks & decided to try speeding population up a bit by advertising it here.. It’s a PVP Server and the Map is The Island. i’ve doubled Taming speed, resource gathering and, Exp earned from combat. I’ve set Tribes to a five members limit, and removed Alienceses because frankly, it’s really boring to be on a Server that everyone is in the same tribe on, or has two huge alpha tribes that are in an aliences. This way, no tribe can get too powerful just from member numbers alone. You wanna be Alpha, You gotta work for it. I’ve also limited the Dino’s to 25 per player as Egg farms have a tendency to become huge unruly resource hogs. This way You can still have an egg farm, but you wont be eating the whole Servers processing power. Lastly, I have removed the ability to transfer in Characters and Dino’s. This way, players all start out on an even field... AKA No Wyverns.. if this sounds fun to you, then feel free to join the Server on your PS4. It is named “Dino-Power” i hope to see you there.. 👍🏻
  5. Ok, so I play on Rag right now, but i’m Tired of the fact that it’s impossible to get all the Tek Engrams while on Rag. This seems like an over sight that should be fixed. anyway, my friends and I are talking about switching to The Center. Here’s the question; Is it possible to fight all the bosses(Ape, Spider, Dragon, and Manticore) on The Center?... i’m Aware that the actual Boss Fight there is Broodmother/Megapithecus, but can I spawn in the other two? UPDATE! Shorts.. cheat summon dragon_character_bp_boss_hard_c cheat summon gorilla_character_bp_hard_c cheat summon spiderl_character_bp_hard_c Longs... cheat spawnactor "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/Dinos/Dragon/Dragon_Character_BP_Boss_Hard.Dragon_Character_BP_Boss_Hard'" 2000 0 0 cheat spawnactor "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/Dinos/Gorilla/Gorilla_Character_BP_Hard.Gorilla_Character_BP_Hard'" 2000 0 0 cheat spawnactor "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/Dinos/Spider-Large/SpiderL_Character_BP_Hard.SpiderL_Character_BP_Hard'" 2000 0 0 Ok, so i’ve Tried these codes on all three maps(Rag, Center, and even tried the island). They aren’t working.... is it because i’m on PS4?
  6. Bigboss84

    Will Ragnarok get Aberration engrams?

    I don’t think we’ll ever see Aberration stuff on Rag, but the modding community is a big place, so i’m Sure someone out there is making some kind of “SUPER MAP” that will have all the animals, mats, and Engrams from Ark, SE, & Abe all in it. I mean, it’s not impossible. Just add a huge cave under your map, and populate it with Abe flora and Fauna... BOOM! Done.. it would be really easy to do that at the Center as the cave already exist.. lol
  7. Ok, so I use Nitrado As my Server provider. I was Us ring Multiplay, but Nitrado is just easier to use and it feels like I have more options with it(especially with the phone app). Anyway, i’m Hoping someone whom also uses Nitrado can help me out with this problem i’m Having.. my my friends and I are playing on Ragnarok, but the way the ascension and Bosses are set up in Ark you can’t really unlock all the Tek Engrams without having played and transferred from the other maps, so using the app I went in an changed around a few things. I set it up so that you start getting Tek building Engrams at lvl 85. (Sorry, my Roomate needed a ride to work, so I had to stop halfway) Anyway, I set up the Tek Engrams to start showing up at lvl 85. I set the cost to be double their most recent none-Tek counter parts. (EXAMPLE; the Riot Helmet is 40 Engrams Points, so the Tek Helmet cost 80. And all the building mats are done the same way. Like the Metal walls are 15 EP, so I set Tek walls to cost 30 EP.) the problem i’m Having is that the Tek Engrams are still locked. I still have to go to the island and fight the bosses to unlock stuff, and that’s annoying because I don’t want to have to rent a cluster of servers.. >_> Is there something I can do to set the Tek Engrams to just behave like normal(None boss needed) Engrams? keep in mind, my Server is a PS4 Server, so Mods are arnt actually doable..
  8. I hate this bird. I hate it so much.. I wish there was a way I could remove it from my Server, but my Server is a PS4 Server, so that’s probably not an option... if if I started a petition to remove this infuriateing garbage animal from Ark, would anyone sign it?.. 🤣
  9. That seems kinda petty. “You’re not using our map, so you can’t have all the engram! XP” are the devs 12?... lol
  10. Bigboss84

    Turret change discussion megathread

    I don't like the idea of limiting passive(passive as in, automated. You don't have to be there telling it what to do) base defense because that's really the only defense people have against raiders when you're offline. Offine raids are going to happen. Whether you love them, hate them, or just accept them as part of the game. When you logout the chance is there that your base, pets, and equipment will all be gone when you log back in. Automated Defenses don't make it impossible for people to wipe you while you're in bed, at work, or celebrating a birthday, but the lower the odds. My Brother straight up refuses to play this game because he's seen how much time and energy my friends an I have put into a base just for us to login one day and have nothing. anyone that's ever logged in to see that they been wiped knows how souls crushing that feeling can be. It sucks. One of my friends quit playing because we were literally getting cleaned out every day. That all said, not only do I think limiting defenses is a stupid idea, but I think the game needs more automated defenses in it.
  11. Bigboss84

    Turret change discussion megathread

    So they chose to nerf base defense rather than do anything about the resource devouring egg/kibble farms?... 🤣
  12. Bigboss84

    You know?...

    Most of the things I named are still problems for me. Maybe it's a PS4 thing.. It won't let me upload the pic I took, but I'm looking at the "Join Game" menu right now. the Filter is set to "Player Deicated Arks" with "Show Password Protected" checked. All maps, all modes, and the name of my Server in the Name Filter. "No sessions found" As for the getting launched into the air, kill a turtle, then walk up to its head. That does it to me sometimes.
  13. What if you Ascend? Can you download an Ascended player to another Server?
  14. Bigboss84

    You know?...

    You know, I really hate this game sometomes, and it has nothing to do with the actual game itself when it's working how it's suppose to. But that's the rub isn't it? How often is the game working 100% properly as intended? How often are you not approaching a dead turtle then somehow getting launched 75ft(25 meters) into the sky? How often does your Dedicated Server actually show up when you search for it? How often do you find yourself freefalling through the ground? How often can you recover your body because it hasn't fallen through the ground? How many times have any of you smashed in the door of someone's base and was able to loot/kill them because they body was hanging halfway through the ceiling when they thought they were safe on the 2nd floor? i'm just trying to move my character to my own server, yet the Server Search tells me my server doesn't exist. Well that's weird, because my friends are playing on it, so.....??? Hey WildCard, what do you say you get the game running first, then start charging full price for it?.. and speaking of the price, am I the only one that gets annoyed everytime I see a DIGITAL copy of the game being sold for the full price of a hard/physical copy? I guess it makes sense if you don't think about it at all, but when you do you realize that hard copy in Walmart is 60$(American) because of packaging and distribution you can't help but fell like you're being ripped off. let me explain. You see, It cost the company money to make a CD, put it in a box, and mail it to Walmart, but there's none(or at least way less) distribution overhead when selling a digital copy on the Plastation Network, XBoxLive, or Steam, so why are we paying the same price for it as if we bought it in a brick n mortar store?...... The answer is greed.. [/rant]