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  1. Fair enough point, but i’m a Pisces. Niave idealism and hanging all my hopes on daydream is kind of my bread n butter. Lol
  2. I was super super hype after seeing that first Primal Survival trailer. So I waited, and I waited.... and I waited...... I died of old age........ was reicarnated............ I reached 35 Years Old again.............. and finally I gave up.. thankfully there was Play as Dino to give me a taste of what Primal Survival was gonna be, and it’s pretty good. And now Play as Dino has received full sponcership and Youtubers are talking about a possible console port. That all said, Play as Dino V2 is great. Yeah, More could be done with the dinos. Like a better POV would be nice, and honestly, I think having to unlock certain Dinos via leveling or in some Other kind of system so playing as a Dino has some form of progression. Maybe based off the new kibble system. So anyone just starting out could play as any simple kibble Dino, after so many levels you unlock the next teir up(Basic Kibble Dinos), after so many levels you unlock the next teir, then the next, ect, and the progression could work that way. (Plus it would stop randoms from just being able to spawn into your server as as a Giga, Dodo Rex, or Boss Dragon, destroying everything and leaving) that would be AWESOME! but at its bare bones, Play as Dino is a pretty amazing mod. Because who hasn’t been playing Ark and thought “Man, it would be cool if I could just be a roaming Spino, or if my small tribe could just play as a pack of rapters instead of just being a week tribe for ever.” And I think this could be a great substitute for the fabled Primal Survival.
  3. Yeah, the biggest problem with playing a multiplayer player game is most people kinda suck. You’ll have to jump around from Server to Server until you can find one with people on it that aren’t complete garbage. Private Servers are usually not too bad. Typically they’re low population and full of nice people that are also fed up with official servers and the bullpoop official players pull.
  4. I mean, I personally wouldn’t miss them. They’re prettymuch just a decoration to me. It would be nice to keep them, BUT if they’re doing more harm than good, then they need to go.
  5. Ok, so this is probably a really stupid question, but I wanted to be 100% sure rather than just making an assumption. All dinos have a preferred kibble, but will a better grade of kibble work just as well(or maybe even better)? example, Rapters prefer Simple Kibble, but will superior kibble work just as good? Or does it need to specifically be Simple kibble. I ask because i’m thinking about the end game, and would rather just make the best kibble in bulk to feed all my dinos rather than have to constantly keep making all 6 types of kibble and constantly need to keep track of what spacific Dino gets what kibble.
  6. Yeah, snappoint building systems are buggy and often times frustrating. Vanilla and S+ are both guilty of that because it’s just the nature of the beast. i personally can’t stand the way ceiling tiles don’t line up with foundation tiles or the fact that getting pillers to place in a way that doesn’t have them sticking up through the floor at all takes some extreamly precise placement after placing a sacrificial piller where you absolutely do not want it. Making it feel less like you’re using the building system properly and more like you’re trying to exploit a glitch. I honestly, hate the snap points in Ark. there’s some many that overlap each other but are off by like an inch that can make you’re whole build look ridiculous if you aren’t careful, snap in ways that make you cock your head to the side and ask “Why would anyone have ever wanted that?”, and frankly creat their own glitches like being able to layer 4-5 walls on what should be only one snap point. Sure, S+ isn’t perfect, but in a lot of ways. It’s closer to perfect than vanella.
  7. I’m not sure where you’re going with this, but yes, that is true. You can adjust the height of the foundation in Conan’s Exiles before you place it. They also let you stack foundations. 2 things Ark doesn’t let you do.
  8. I don’t see what would be so bad about foundation stacking. Conan Exiles allowed it sense day one. Personally, it’s always been a horrible pet-peeve of mine to finish building a place, just to walk inside and see grass clipping up through my floor. I have such a hatred for that.
  9. Any word on what features will be added and what ones are too over powered? Will we be able to stack foundations?
  10. I was semi familiar with the game having watched Angry Joe play it, so I had enough of an idea of what was doing on not to get killed by a compy, or a dilo, or any of those other typical noob munchers, but my first official death scared the crap out of me... i had just gotten done drinking water and was making the longish hike back to my base. It was night so I was trying go slow and cautious. Suddenly I heard this sound “BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM” comeing up on me. I had no idea what it might have been at first thinking maybe it was a Trike, then POOF! Carno came into view lit by the light of my torch in the thick black jungle.. I had no time to react. i was dead pretty much instantly. Lol
  11. This is a close call. I hate the Troodons, but I also have a special kind of hatred for those birds that flat around taking your stuff, and(this May have been fixed) but I would like the Therozinosaurus(spelling?) if they didn’t spawn so much. Raptor pounce is cheap AF, but I still love them. Lol
  12. I’m a little shocked to be honest. I seen they way you guys(the Modding Community) went completely ape over the Indominus Rex. After seeing the last Jurassic World movie I thought for sure there would be 10-20 IndoRapter mods.
  13. Why was this moved to Bug Reports? Are servers and mods Bugged somehow?
  14. So, if I built my own Server and wanted to host PS4 players. How would that work? do I have to use a PS4 to host PS4 players? Or can I use a computer? How would Mods work on that? If I put the mods in the server directly, would they work for the people playing on their PS4s?
  15. Are we there yet? Can people playing on the PC play with PS4 people on one server yet?
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