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  1. Valguero Deep Sea Bug. Hello, I've been playing recently on Valguero NA 558. I recently learned of a bug in the spawn patterns in the deep sea area on Valguero. Upon being in the deep trench for a total of 3 hours, Tusos/Mosas/Plesiosaurs were nowhere in sight, not even one spawn. I was able to find in total 3 leedsythis (however you spell it) and multiple basilosaurs. In singleplayer as well as PvP the issue remains. I'm wondering if the spawns need cranked up? Or if perhaps the spawns are underneath the mesh and not allowing them to appear. Regardless, the fact there is no deep sea spawns takes away from a large portion of this map. I do wonder if this has been addressed even? Or looked into? More information would be appreciated, thank you.
  2. Seems like PvE is kinda a forgotten concept with official servers, do you think they'll add anything to cater to pve players?
  3. Just curious what you guys do while babies are being raised, play other game? And if so which ones?
  4. Hey I'm kinda new to bossing but, I've got 19 boss rexes (23k hp, 808 melee at base) and a yuty ready to go with 81 armor saddles. How will they fair?
  5. Give a reason for people to start playing them again! They're just for doing bosses and dino farms!
  6. huntlythe3rd

    New map?

    I heard rumors that Wildcard is planning on releasing another new mod based map? Is this true or just a rumor I've heard? Also does anyone know what content they plan on adding into the game?
  7. How many gigas would you guys use typically minimum for purple drops?
  8. They released this in dev kit quite awhile ago. I was wondering when they planned on releasing this?
  9. Anyone know if there are any servers not completely filled with tames?
  10. What strats do you guys use to kill each on Ragnarok.
  11. If you guys could pick one thing to add to the game, what would it be?
  12. I've been trying to figure out different themed events ark could do but im simply drawing a blank! Anyone have any ideas?
  13. I'm personally struggling extremely hard to acquire those rare BPs! Like picks mainly. Is there any good ideas or tricks to finding these?
  14. I would say taming a proficient berry picker is one of the best beginning tames, as well as a meat farmer like a carno!
  15. I'm glad you're starting the game it's quite fun! Enjoy your parasaur.
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