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  1. That is an interesting idea. But do the Gacha crytals actually roll down that far? EDIT: Nevermind. Just watched a video answering my question. Thanks to all.
  2. What's this structure used for? Today I saw on an official 'The Center' pve server two strange structures (attached picture) build by chines tribes, whos purpose I don't understand. In the center of the lower deck are a Tek Transmitter and some Tek Dedicated Storage crates. At the upper end of each ramp is a simple trough. Can anybody explain what this structure is used for? TIA
  3. Hype got killed by the severe lags on official ARK servers and by dozens of bugs.
  4. I just had my Chibi reset for the thrid time (the second time today) and it always happens while I kill another Alpha. It never happened on server restart. Wilcard FIX THIS!
  5. When and where did they say that? Link please. I've seen no reaction at all so far.
  6. First metioning of this problem was on December, 24th. Since then more than a dozen people stated here in multiple threads, that they lost animals due to the "cannot deploy" bug. Not a single comment by Wildcard acknowledging this bug, neither from a developer nor a community manager in the 12 days since then. No patch too. I call this ignoring it.
  7. Fixing? Wildcard is outright ignoring this problem. They do not even recognize that this bug exists. Every time you think ARK could not get worse, WC proves you immediately wrong ...
  8. My Chibi just lost all his xp. I killed an Alpha Leedsichthys and my Chibi went back to level 1 with 3000/30000 from level 3 with around 180000 xp to the mext level.
  9. They won't get my money for the next expansion until this severe bug is fixed, that's for sure.
  10. I just lost a decent Argy to this "cannot deploy" bug. Wildcard, pls fix this fast!
  11. I just lost an Argy to this bug. :(( EU-PVE-Official-Extinction 469
  12. I just lost a decent Argy to this "cannot deploy" bug. Seems like many players encounter this bug at the moment. Wildcard should check this out soon.
  13. Cannot deploy I just tried to deploy an Argentavis from a cryopod. The cryopod vanished and I got a "Cannot deploy:" message. The cryopod is gone and so is the Argy in it. :(( Map: The Center Server: EU-PVE-Official-Extinction469
  14. Water that is still in liquid form at minus 34 degrees Celsius can have fog, don't you think? ?
  15. Possible exploit: Claim them and then walk away so no other players can do them ... ?
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