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  1. That is an interesting idea. But do the Gacha crytals actually roll down that far? EDIT: Nevermind. Just watched a video answering my question. Thanks to all.
  2. What's this structure used for? Today I saw on an official 'The Center' pve server two strange structures (attached picture) build by chines tribes, whos purpose I don't understand. In the center of the lower deck are a Tek Transmitter and some Tek Dedicated Storage crates. At the upper end of each ramp is a simple trough. Can anybody explain what this structure is used for? TIA
  3. Water that is still in liquid form at minus 34 degrees Celsius can have fog, don't you think? ?
  4. Possible exploit: Claim them and then walk away so no other players can do them ... ?
  5. I stayed in my base on EU-PVE-Official-Extinction 469 and waited for lagspikes and server crashes to come and man, they came in droves. I then went to play Fallout 76 and have to say that I had not a single disconnect there, saw only one graphical glitch and had lots of fun. Now I tried to log in again in ARK and the server is crashing over and over again, only minutes after restart. ?
  6. Mine too ... ? I love this game, but I hate the developers, because they give a raptor about their customers.
  7. 2x works atm only for XP, harvesting and taming, the bonus for Baby Mature Speed, Egg Hatch and Gestation Speed and 2x Mating Interval (LESS!) does not work (Official Server EU-PVE-TheCenter627)!
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