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  1. Check your ping through steam. Steam will provide you with a reliable ping average, the game does not do this. I have had my servers moved from London to New York and noticed this trend. I am residing in Portugal and my ping to London is between 40-80, rarely goes above 100 My ping to New York was always above 100, going as far as 150. edit. Needles to say i moved them back to London. However in all of this the game always insisted that i had a ping of 20-50 in any and all locations, which isn't real at all and the reason why most of us are caught in Wildcards trap. Please, ping servers with your Steam first! It is also called "Latency", last case scenarion request the admin or the Service Providers their Geolocation IPs and use the windows command line, in admin mode, and type: Ping *Services Provider IPs* It shall provide you with curious results, including, the Min. Max. and Average Latency. From there choose what you want to do, namely choose the best location. DON'T RELY ON ARKs PINGS OR LATENCY! It is purely incorrect by a dam large margin - I can see it being intentionally "Good" Net programing!
  2. Unnoficial - Weapons Reload Bugs and Glitches Hello everyone, If you have stumbled upon this discussion topic, it means Wildcard hasn't fixed a fundamental part of their game. Safe to say, it just reveals of what we deal here. Neglect. I am not afraid of telling the truth, though it only depends if anyone is able to step up on their own responsabilities. I play the game to have fun, though I haven't had fun in it for a long time. All the constant broken DLC's, Patches that solve but break more, and a tedious "raise and repeat" process that only shows the pure lack of quality control, that a company like wildcard has, and, at this point should have had something. We are the testers for their unfinished products, and are exploited for being gullible. This is the sum of it all. What Ark became in recent years. I blame the developers in the same way I blame myself, for supporting this game for years, and the player base that is purely gullible and lets this trend to continue. There will be no changes if someone doesn't step up on their game. For the better of each and both worlds, this makes sense. Down to the report: In my unoficial servers, I have trimmed down my code lines, as through as it is possible, and potentially found, a reliable source for this problem (which we players can't do anything about), it is purely in the game itself, bad or a limitation on the programming. The game.ini file can go to insane heights, in terms of weight and codelines. If you achieve to go above a threshold, you will start to experience problems no matter what. There aren't special cases, the margin of error naturally increases, but in this game, Ark the margin is to high to be sustainable in itself. I have played in lots of unoficial servers, all of these had problems related to their ini files, noticeable, and to some extent. The internet connection can influence this, though it is only to a certain extent, and is logical. If you have a bad connection, it will stay like that and you will notice it. This part of the game, the relliance on the GUS.ini and Game.ini files, which is a literally dependency should receive a through pass! Fix all settings that aren't working properly, and introduce a better mechanism to sort the files and organize the codes. Something that should properly manage and guarantee that everything is working correctly, and that if it detects something abnormal, it either provides with a potential solution or tells admins and players where the issue is, for a manual fix. Allow the game to read and store the information, instead of exclusively relying on the .ini files. This causes so many issues, specially when the "reads" trips over and causes lag in the game, which is a constant trend. This is the most vital part of the game that needs a desperate improvement. The current issue is the following: Spears, Slingshots, Bows, Compound Bows and Tek Railguns (Snipers) have their reloads bugged/slugged. -> I have to constantly put down the weapon and bring them back up to "solve it" - this makes so that the weapons reloads the ammo correctly, and doesn't not slug it. this isn't a solution, nor work around, is also part of the problem. - I have to click (as if i was shooting) multiple times for the weapon to be "dynamic" -This is the whole process in description: 1 click for shooting, 1 click to lose the ammo, 1 click to have the ammo at 0, 1 click to change 1 ammo from stack to the weapon, 2-3 click to do the reload animation, 1 click to have ammo in the weapon, 1 click for the weapon to know that has ammo in it, 1 click to draw (bows), 1 click to shoot. Like i mentioned i trimmed down the code extensively to find the source and the source is engrams requirements, with under the setting: bOnlyAllowSpecifiedEngrams=true - with this setting you have to specify which engrams you want to be recognized in the game, for example: OverrideNamedEngramEntries=(EngramClassName="EngramEntry_CompoundBow_C",EngramLevelRequirement=79,EngramPointsCost=0,EngramHidden=False,RemoveEngramPreReq=True) You will generate a list of ALL ARK ENGRAMS, this the cause of the issue, bug and glitch. Test your unoficial games and servers by removing all of the previously mentioned code lines - engram requirements - and please report it or let me know what you found. This needs to be solved once and for all. We need to pressure it, otherwise we will always have a neglected game.
  3. There has been a lot of truths told in this post, which i do find them reasonable and understandable. However the reality is that Scorched Earth has a DLC does not add any value to the game. I would dare to say it is the worse of the official released DLC's and it is the worse scenario, in which, it can be understood has a complete "Filler DLC" that was planned and specifically released to be a cash grab. The Developers not wanting, or not, having any plans for it further supports my opinion on this scenario. I have 5000 hours played on this game and before quiting it entirely, I thought it would be completely apropriate to justify my points of view about the game, in this specific scenario, I will share that the issue with Scorched Earth transcends than what has been told already, and goes beyond to the point of meeting the lack of ambitions and lazyness on the developing team, since i believe that resource wise, they do have them, but are not willingly to make the effort or making the investment. Which is extremely sad and revolting since through proper logistics and development they could easily gain momentum and be lucrative again. Has of right now it is understandable that with Ark slowly dying out, by the many mistakes made and continuely being made, that it is better to jump into a new investment, but that logic does not solve anything, it isn't a solution it is a problem that through time will grow even bigger untill it meets a breaking point. All I see in these forums are unreliable information and underwhelming hype (that wishes to pass has overwhelming hype) from the both parts (Developers and Clients). Developers constantly tell promises that are broken, or, corrupted like extinction lore's. There has been to many lies told without discretion, and speeches made without proper knowledge or investigations if the goals were feasible or not. Do not make promises you ca not keep. Do not apologize if you actually hold and have the power to avoid it, in the first place. The Clients are another guilty part for having to much patient, being ignorant and easily gullible for any and all declarations coming from the development team. With that out of my way, I want to ask: - How many of us actually played Scorched Earth? How many stayed there, for how long and for what reason? Here's in what I believe it is the reality: - We played Scorched Earth, WHEN it was released. We stayed there untill we realized how utterly unforgiving and unrewarding it is. We stayed there because it is a awesome and well designed map with exclusive creatures. If i understood this, then i can say this with confidence: Playing in that map was pointless in the beginning and remains pointless. The problems far, and really, far outweight the qualities. The exclusivity of creatures on Scorched Earth, was completly shattered with the integration of Ragnarok has an Official DLC with the exception fo the Phoenix. Since THAT was a realization of the Development team, in which it was easily predictable, that Ragnarok would cast a shadow so dark on Scorched Earth, that it would leave a horrible burn on the company. It was a good move integrating Ragnarok, though a horrible choice due to how it was handled. It was a choice based on making the game relevant which was passed out has the "Developer's Team Work" when it was made from a Mod Developer. This happened just recently, and again, with Structure Plus. The integration was messy and horrible and not at all what they told, promised and US expected. I would personally have been deeply embarassed of those things, where my own effort and work was shadowed by other's, but mostly, to protect my ego and recognition for actively pursued the other's work and make it pass has my own. Surpringly both the integration of Ragnarok and Structures Plus, Before and After, were worked upon in completly different manners. Which makes me wonder, wouldn't be best to not wasting those additional resources on integrating actively supported and loved mods, when you could improve upon the Original Maps and concepts, like Scorched Earth itself? To simply put, The Phoenix, it ended up has a complete neglectable creature that was left has being irrelevant, either way. I have not seen barely any players actually using it due to its constraints that far outweight the qualities. Honestly it is so much more rewarding the effort of using a quetz or argie with an anky and smelt metal on the refining forge. The value of Scorched Earth has an DLC falls even shorter when you realize that many of the exclusive resources, tools and weapons are virtually not usable, in the general point of view, in game and by players. Do you have any use for Raw Salt, besides, crafting Preserving Salt? Couldn't that resource be so much more useful, and relevant for... making new recipes for Jerkys, for example? Cactus Sap, Clay, Sand... What do these resources add to the game, beyond their DLC exclusivity? Nothing, really nothing. In contrast to Scorched Earth, Aberration and Extinction have a lot more positive qualities since both DLC's introduce new resources, even if they are in the same family tree, these resources are usable beyond their respective DLC Exclusivity. Scorched Earth is an Isolated DLC and worse part is, it is being declared has such. From all DLC's Aberration is the best Original and Official Map. Despite mistaks and flaws, it is a original, unique and specialized map that thrives to this day. Why? Everyone knows the answer to that. For me, it is due to the fact that it was, and is the first map that actually supports, holds into its heart and reveals the lore behind the Ark's with its unique design from the map itself to the story that unfolds at the end, which made it into an amazing and thrilling experience. Scorched Earth does not have that. It is complete lackluster, and we already know how to randomly collect dossier pages from the previous map, The Island. Scorched Earth contribues has clutter and undesirable mess that is the Engrams distribution through out the levels. Quite literally between the level 1 and the next 30 to 40 levels, you have so much unnecessary engrams occupying so much space, making the apresentation of the menu completly horrendous and disgusting, and at a later stage a complete and unsatisfying contrast between levels 70 and 100, where there is barely any engrams to explore and learn. It reaches the point where you just have 1 engram per level, seriously? That is annoying and infuriating to say the least. Personally, I would love to customize the engrams layout without posting in my Ini files a custom code that renders the game almost unplayable through extreme lag, freezes and crashes. With this being sad, it is completly disapointing to read the posts from the development team, and these being contradicted by what Players and Clients tell and share. There is a massive inconsistency that I will never want to participate, nor wish to support ever again, through any means necessary. In a game I want challenges to overcome, bosses to take down and something that bridges gaps and fills me with the satisfaction of progression and evolution, which in this specific topic, virtually does not exist, and THAT brings out the most negative relevance and aspect of the DLC, the game as a whole and the company who developped it. It has nothing to do with following the lore, or story, it is exciting to read and know the story. But the point is: I bought the game, as such, I want to forge my own Story in the game. THAT is a valuable entertainment asset. Lay out challenges and difficulties in which players should strife to thrive through their own personal accomplishments and not because "the story told it was done that way". Scorched Earth needs a complete, yet, simple rework from the very sand you set foot on initialy up-to-the sky where you should warp into Aberration. - The Ascension could be has simple has Aberration, one epic boss fight (The manticore is already a fearsome and epic creature to face, give it something more unique and special!); - All Items lay them out, expand their concepts beyond their exclusivity (It is a DLC god's sake, the content should be relevant for all maps, not for a single one - Ragnarok does not count in this aspect, whatsoever since: It isn't a Story, nor an original, driven Map, stop passing it out has it is; - Developers should give more attention to the Scorched Earth map, due to how many times you have been continously tell, say, declare and promise: That it is your interest in improving the game, adding and expanding the content. Has far has i understand the DLC's are included in such declarations, so achieve what your words mean, in any or every way that is properly fitting and possible for both the game, the development team, players and clients. (New creatures, Resources, Items...) Do not give the attention out of fear and egotistically, since that was the result of the Phoenix that fell in a dark obscurity and its light was completly vanquished. There is a lot, seriously a lot to work with what was already developped so far, in that map and the game, that could be explored and expanded upon. There are no valid excuses for not having any no plans, nor any consideration to improve a simple DLC, which is part of the game, that, I repeat, the developers constantly tell that it is in "their interest to improve and make it relevant". If somehow there is a selfish interest in providing justifications and excuses, specially, these being completely and false in nature at that, and the remaining declarations, promises continue to be contradictory in their own words, to the point of being acceptably considered to be complete lies that wish to satisfy the gullible ones, then, the game will lose its course completely, if it has not already - which i believe it has- then what it will is the credibility, recognition and real work that was put into this project. Which can be understood in a incredibly negative perception, for anyone, past, actual and future player from ever buying the game. Then again, you will only get, what you cultivate. I like many players always stood up and supported the game, but not anymore. If there is humility and actual interest in making the effort and doing a proper investment then, has developers, you should do it for yourselves, there is nothing but support and feedback from my, our part. Is it there any from the development team? I do not expect anything from posting this, so say what you must. In fact, i expect the negative, either being shot down by something unrelated, or that understandably will not understand and probably never will, since no one wants to teach or educate others. So I leave with this: I am secure about what I told, in my own way and perspective. If you reject it or accept it is your business not mine, I will merely do the very best that I can, even if i fail at that.
  4. Nothing. It's pointless installing the game on my machine, if i get GPU crashes all the time that, in which messes up my single-player Ark. Though i thought it would be fun to share, my personal plans when i eventually get a new PC and eventually start playing the game: Singleplayer - PVE environment, with a personal story based theme - A slight role-play to make things interesting on a long run - that i came up on my own. 1st - Enjoy the very first day in-game, solo, with no taming or creatures around, avoiding death; - Unlocking tools and weapons, Making a thatch hut, bed, campfire and chests; - Cooking food, and hoard up basic resources; 2nd - During the night time in-game create my own solo and personal tribe; - In the second day, under my own tribe name passively tame a lystro; - Hoard up stones and metal, and tame a huge pack of high level Dilos; 3rd - Tame a decent number of Pegos -> Parasaurs -> Lystros -> Dodos (Pegos first, for them to get berries in the mean time, everything else for kibble and storage); - Build up a safe area where I can leave the creatures in passive and safely; - Build a Raft, and making a "blueprint" in thatch of what i want to build: - Upgrade the thatch build to wood, until I am safely able to unlock the tranq arrows; 4th - Tame additional significant and relevant creatures, My personal preferences (in order): High or highest level: Ankylos or Doedicurus (Kibble, if available or possible) Reason: Metal/Berries - Stone; Low or medium level: Castoroides (Berries or Crops, if possible) Reason: Wood/Berries; Medium, High or highest Level: Trike or Stego or Diplodocus (Berries or Crops - Kibble, if available or possible) Reason: Berries/Thatch - Kibble Chain (Argentavis - Spino - Megalodon) - Kibble Chain (Allosaurus - Tapejara - Kaprosuchus); Highest Level : Pteranodon/Ichthiosaurus (kibble) Reason: Air Mobility - Water Mobility; Additional: Bees Reason: Food Tame Chain (Veggie Cake - Ovis - mutton - Highest level: Small carnivores ex.Kairukus...); Highest Level: Kairuku and Low level: Hesperornis Reason: Polymer Farm/Kibble chain (Anglerfish) - Golden Egg Farm); Highest Level: Moschops Reason: Auto-Farming Efficiency; 5th - Hoard the max amount of building materials possible in chests; - Find a strategic and beautiful place to start the main Base [HQ], inland. 6th - Build a complete outpost near the ocean (where the Creatures and raft will be left stationary) dedicated to kibble farm and breeding. ( I don't want unnecessary creatures in my main base, and suffer lag from it. Only the best of the best!) 7th - Build up a Motorboat, and fully fit it accordingly so with metal tier buildings and advanced crafting stations to fully complete the outpost. - Taming the remaining useful and relevant highest level creatures, and breeding them for the best of the best creatures i can possibly have. - Remap and manage all the creatures in my personal tribe. Every creature including those that are there for kibble farming, will be at their max level possible and in packs of 14 (A couple of 1 Male and 1 Female at their best stat and level - the rest 2 males for 10 females); Afterwards, I will aim at Alphas for Levels and eventually try on my own against the Bosses and hope for the best. Then focus on the end game ending and ascend to Scorch Earth. Where I will be planning from scratch again something similar, then in aberration the same till the last Official Story based DLC.
  5. I'm thankfull that the last patch fixed and patched a few of the problems that i mentioned here that the singleplayer mode has. It isn't perfect, but i'm not asking for a perfect game, just a good, entertaining and engaging game. Has off right now. the imprinting is still a problem that hopefully will get addressed and revised soon. Like i mention before, the cuddle timer in itself is not a "viable option" at all if it messes completely your chances of getting a 100% imprinting. I'm not talking the requirements for the imprinting, only about the cuddle timer - the time between interactions towards a baby creature -; The requirements for the imprint, honestly i don't know if they "fair". I mean imprinting a giganotasaurus is completely different than imprinting a dodo. So why would the dodo have the same requirements) a.k.a request kibbles (specially expensive and hard-to-get-kibbles) for a 100% imprint? This is just an example really. Not many - if any- are going to actually imprint a dodo. But then again my question raises again, why would they? If the dodo can request any random kibble at some point in time? A creature that sole purpose is laying eggs. I thought about this, and requirements should change based on the creature size. Small creatures should have a much higher chance to ask for something "rare", like the rare flowers, or rare mushrooms, any kind of berry or even for carnivores like dilophosaurus or compys they should ask for prime meats, or muttons, or other edible, but rare resource. Has the creature raises in size, and relevance the kibble indeed should be present while imprinting. Imprinting a Rex, Spino, Allosaurus, Giganotasaurus, should be much more challenging, and costly then the medium size creatures, like raptors, sabers and wolfs which would in their tier would have been costly as well, while comparing to the small creatures. These small creatures are in the end completely neglected, since the same mechanic is present in all creatures, the current state of the imprinting mechanic doesn't add variety at all to the game - in then end, it gets boring - Apart from that (again) -- Megalanias spawns in caves - on the island - are off. I've seen them completely and literally in the ceilings, which is where they should be yes, however they are completely inside of the rocks from where they spawn. You can't shoot them since the projectiles hit the rock, instead of the creature. Some of them can still jump out of the ceiling, but i believe some will still get stuck inside of the rock. Another topic that needs attention, yet, creatures getting stuck. Besides the caves the only over-world creature that gets stuck in trees and rocks easily is the Triceratops. In the caves however the problem is persistent to all and any creature. To many creatures stuck on the ceilings (most likely they spawn already there), on the sideways, or under the floors. The only visible and minor problem experienced recently on my end is the hesperornis consistent despawns. The creature spawns stays for a few hours (In real life) then despawns completely allowing for the ichthyornis to take their place, only for the hesperornis to hardly spawn again. Other than that, hesperornis eggs can fall through the floor/map if you drop them through the inventory (don't know if it does happens in the wild while they are laying eggs). It doesn't happen all the time, but it does happen from time to time.
  6. Biggest Issues encountered in Singleplayer, well in the whole game in fact, but then again it's a matter of perception: 1. Imprinting. The imprinting mechanic is completely messed up, for some creatures. Although i am not going to be specific due to the fact that the imprinting mechanic needs to be worked out, and be fairly balanced. I am going ahead and tell this the imprinting - cuddle timer - (that is based of the maturation speed) should be removed. Otherwise you have high chances of missing the final imprint. It happened to me, multiple times, whenever i reach the final imprint the cuddle timer finishes literally at the same time has the maturation of the creature ends, it doesn't render the imprint useless. however it makes the imprinting completely "not-achievable". - Response to this: I would have prefer if the imprinting mechanic should be revised and changed, the cuddle-timer should be removed completely. Instead the -cuddle- should have happen strategically at some % of the creatures maturation, giving a fixed amount of imprinting quality. For example, at 20%, 30%, 40%, 50% maturation, However it shouldn't go above 90% of the maturation of the creature. This way anyone could achieve a perfect imprint, and would not be subjected to "Luck based mechanics". This way the cuddle timer could be removed, from the options and the maturation would have had a much bigger impact. I seriously don't know why this wasn't implemented like this. If you don't want the imprinting to go above 100%, there are better ways to do so. This is may main complain. 2. Creatures AI. Surely everyone is distasteful of the AI of the creatures. Carnivores attack and destroy non-stop anything in their path, herbivores roam randomly like targets waiting to be killed of eventually. The game literally lacks dynamism, and livelihood in it, is to bland. I wish i could see the carnivores eat a corpse and remain calm for a few minutes, before hunting down something else, as well as i could see herbivores to have personality, like eating a few bushes then moving on to the next bush. Whenever the area was depleted they would migrate. But then again, I know this isn't going to be implemented, so i won't make a big deal out of it. 3. Creatures not spawning/falling of the map So, creatures not spawning has been an issue for how long exactly? I don't know. It has always been happening for me at least, I start the game the game has live in it and feels cool to be around and see a few creatures everywhere i look. After a few days in game, due to the "exaggerated" hunting of the carnivores, or simply by the despawning mechanism. Some spaces where once had creatures in it, stop having anything at all in it. I posted on Steam this problem the response was "kill the creatures", what there is to kill, if there isn't anything at all? Worse part is if the creature falls through the map, (heavily common on caves) the creature takes "memory space" and doesn't allow anything to spawn back. You can kill it if you [Ghost] out - cheat - I hate the fact that i need to cheat to clear things out. This problem is a heavy burden on singleplayer. 4.Difficulty settings. So difficulty has changed from 120, to 150 max. I wish i could see this implemented on the Island map. Where I can indeed allow the max level to be 150. although it completes messes up the levels of the creatures overhaul. you will some at 4, 8 then those at 5, 15. So if anyone knows the island map, the map favors the lower level creatures, which is insane if you want to get a better creature to tame, or have some sort of challenge out of the map. But the main problem is this: You can indeed have a change in the max level. My question is: how does that change anything if the map will be completely overtaking by the vanilla difficulty? I have found to many levels 4-8 on a max level map (both in difficulty setting, and overriden to be 150). I couldn't even find creatures above level 20 in this map. Honestly, and with due respect. Please set the difficulty to be equal to all of the maps. If 150 it is, then it should be. Besides that that difficulty is indeed the best for the game, it balances out things to give a proper challenge. 5.Overhaul Loot System It needs a change, it seriously needs. By now we have lots of creatures, and with it lots of saddles that are considered "useless". The veteran players will not tame a Carbonemys, even if the saddle is the first to unlock, for a "berry harvester creature". When we have access to a better creature a few levels ahead (triceratops). To counter this properly, The drops should have all of the dino saddles (in primitive quality, or above). For a better usage of creatures. Besides that, proper loot, for proper drops. The drop system is the worse that the game offers. I can clean out a cave and then whenever i claim the loot i have to much high possibility to get "cloth armor" from any "chest" that the cave has. I would like this to change, and to be balanced out for the better. Cave loot and drops should have their range in quality, blueprints and frequency in getting "things" The major problem in singleplayer, is how unbalanced it is. that doesn't render the game unplayable, just adds in problems to a game that shouldn't have had any by now. I do hope that whenever it gets released, everything is properly "made" and balanced. I gave feedback, and whenever i'll find a problem, i'll give again feedback. However if someone asks for it, and doesn't listens, nor cares. then I shall remain silent. I will be a witness to what's to come. Good or bad. Not that i don't care, I do care. I'm just not going to be bothered by this anymore, I'm not in a development team, nor do i know anything about development. I'm just a consumer, with my own opinions. and i add that everything could have been and gotten better with time, and with feedback, which was neglected. The game could be one of the best. But I see it slowly being wasted.
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