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  1. Center keeps crashing

    @NyanRose Restart Steam should get a small patch to fix this issue
  2. Center keeps crashing

    Please Turn off Distance Field Shadowing while we investigate. Thanks for the report
  3. The Center - MASSIVE Mosa horde...

    Are you playing on a unofficial server and are you using mods?
  4. Please Update to the latest version should be fixed. Thank you
  5. Resolution Scale Slider, Push that all the way to the right.
  6. Inventory Character LOD Corrupt (244.7)

    There is a small patch to fix that. Exit steam and start up stream again you should get a small patch to fix that
  7. Lost Creature and "Dead NPC: -1"

    -1" for the "Dead NPC - ignore that for now Jarvis
  8. Trees Unfarmable in new North Biome

    Thank you for the report. - Jarvis
  9. We are looking into this thank for the report. - Jarvis
  10. Hello Tij everything is good with your server. After every 8k Torpor you will need to kite or let the Titanosaur move 30k unit's the [The size of the Hidden Lake on The Island map] I recommend using a very low level bow to aggro the Titansosaur to move him the 30k unit's needed to keep gaining torpor
  11. ORP exploit

    Thanks for the report - Jarvis
  12. Look like you are almost ready to go. Can't wait to see what you guys build in redwood biome