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  1. Breeding program nearly complete. This one was born at 264. I claim first mosa over 300 on official servers. One more stat to introduce to line. Next gen will be born between 273-276 projected.
  2. Ark was never meant to be PVE. Hence why PVE came later.
  3. Hell yes. Imagine, half a dozen massive war brontos, loaded down with cannons, catapault turrets, ballista turrets, and twenty guys all armed to the teeth. Rexes stomping everywhere. In the middle of the pack of brontos lumbering towards your base, is a single bronto with a platform bronto with a ring of wardrums, and painted maniacs pounding on them. Now, it would be terrifying if each wardrum player added +5% to a max of 25% buff to damage and defense on tribe dinos within a caertain radius. Think the wardrum guys would be the first to go? It would add an interesting aspect to the game, for sure.
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