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Amichi's Feedback

  1. Weiss left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Weiss* Rainbow Zoo - Adult Animals!
    Nice trader, good communication, ty!

    Amichi was Trading

  2. BELFEGOR left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Cross-ARK Item Trading and Breeding
    awsome person, and great trade! thx for it! 100% !

    Amichi was The Seller

  3. Chikin left Positive feedback   

    Nice & easy trade.

    Amichi was The Seller

  4. AlphaCarno left Positive feedback   

    Picked me up when I spawned at her server and made the trade real easy.

    Amichi was Trading

  5. Zee left Positive feedback   

    shes nice

    Amichi was The Seller

  6. Dhalae left Positive feedback   

    Wonderful to deal with! Thanks for the monkeys!

    Amichi was The Seller

  7. skuIlman left Positive feedback   

    Fast & Easy!

    Amichi was The Seller

  8. Pon left Positive feedback   

    Very nice and easy to work with! Fast and smooth trade. Thank

    Amichi was Trading

  9. TotoGeek left Positive feedback   

    Very fast and safe trade :3 ive just made a friend :D

    Amichi was The Seller

  10. Kenav left Positive feedback   

    Quick and smooth trade

    Amichi was The Seller

  11. Wanny759 left Positive feedback   

    She's a really nice trader. Doesn't try to confuse you or sell you extra stuff. My trade with her was straightforward and friendly. And most importantly it was a fast trade and very smooth. :-) Thanks a lot!

    Amichi was The Seller

  12. AlphaMattPve420 left Positive feedback   

    Quick and easy trade, great trader

    Amichi was The Seller

  13. Xis left Positive feedback   

    Great buyer, Great Communication, Easy to Trade With. Highly Recommended!

    Amichi was The Seller

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