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  1. jsteel

    Glitches Not Unlocking

    My server host company is called ping perfect, so no not Nitrado. I should probably give the servers an update as it has been a little over a week. I hate updating them when new patches come out in fear that something will break lol.
  2. jsteel

    Glitches Not Unlocking

    Thankfully I do own the server and can have admin privileges when I need to fix something. I'll try logging into admin and fixing a new glitch to see if that will work for me. I hope they get it in the next patch update or two, makes it really hard to track what pieces of story I have gotten or not.
  3. jsteel

    Glitches Not Unlocking

    Glitches Not Unlocking So when Genesis first came out I did a lot of exploring on my single player and I gathered a fair amount of glitches and they were working fine in my single player. However now that I have jumped over to a character on a server, I am now having issues with them. Whenever I fix a glitch it doesn't show up as me having fixed it, only they glitches I fixed in my single player show up and they are all locked. I've even had the same message play from 2 different glitches. So I guess you could say my glitches are glitched (bad pun), but really I was wondering if anyone else has encounter this issue as well and what if anything I could/should do about it.
  4. Regarding the eggs and stasis you are pretty much correct. I play on a private server that doesn't have many people and I have forgotten about creatures that should of hatched/ been birthed hours before I get to them but when I fast travel to them I can hear them hatching or just being born from the mother. So if you leave render for long enough it appears that when the timer reaches zero nothing happens until that area re-renders or gets pulled out of stasis. As for your side question I have noticed that same thing as well on Valguero. The only way around that I can think of is to hatch them on the terrain or on a ceiling so they might fall under the ceiling onto the floor.
  5. Also a good thing to note is when you make a good hit the corruption node with flash for a moment the closer the node is to be destroyed the faster and bigger it flashes with each hit. I would recommend you jump into a single player session to get the feel for what you have to do in the fight. Granted it will be easier to tame in single player because in single player the nodes don't need to be hit as many times but it will help you get an understanding of what will work and what won't in a more controlled environment.
  6. I got it to work for the forth mysterious mysteries! What I was doing wrong was normally after each string/line of code I would hit enter in the decoder so the image looks exactly the same as the teaser image but this time I went back threw and backed out all of my enter keys and then send that code and it worked! feels pretty good to have gotten it to work on my own this time. Even if I wasn't the first I was still able to get it to work and now I know what to do if their are any more in the future.
  7. Hmm I would kind of like to know what you got when you decoded it because I did the same thing about 8 different times and never got a reply, I thought that was what we had to do. I guess I just got the code wrong all the times I tried it. 2fe3170 CC2 28-afa C 8bb6c was what I kept getting most of the time when I decoded it. Must have been consistently typing something in wrong lol.
  8. @Nanabobana How did you intercept the message to begin with? I tried decoding the text in the mysterious mysteries then sending that as an email and I tried putting it into the profile terminal uplink section with no result. I just want to better know the process used to intercept a message.
  9. @Warrior7 I've been running the picture threw outguess for the last hour so so trying as many different keys for the password as I could think of. Most of time it does spit out information like there might be something there but I just don't have the right passcode. Sometimes I just get a core dump error or too long error which just tells me that it was the wrong guess. But like I said most of the time it does give information, it is just all jumbled up still. I feel like if I get the right passcode it will work but I'm probably just wrong and there might not be anything outguess can do here, but it is weird the file downloads as out.jpg
  10. I haven't seen anybody post about this but I may just be grabbing at straws. In the letters from Helena it says something about Hash: SHA256 near the top. I looked up what Hash SHA256 is and it is some type of hashing algorithm but as far as I understand it is one way (I don't understand much about it though) but I just wanted to point that out since I didn't noticed it being mentioned and I feel like it could mean something, weather we can use it now or later or at all to help us I don't know. Example below: -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA256 [LOG_TRANSMIT] Start sublayer encrypted communications test.
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