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  1. My server host company is called ping perfect, so no not Nitrado. I should probably give the servers an update as it has been a little over a week. I hate updating them when new patches come out in fear that something will break lol.
  2. Thankfully I do own the server and can have admin privileges when I need to fix something. I'll try logging into admin and fixing a new glitch to see if that will work for me. I hope they get it in the next patch update or two, makes it really hard to track what pieces of story I have gotten or not.
  3. Glitches Not Unlocking So when Genesis first came out I did a lot of exploring on my single player and I gathered a fair amount of glitches and they were working fine in my single player. However now that I have jumped over to a character on a server, I am now having issues with them. Whenever I fix a glitch it doesn't show up as me having fixed it, only they glitches I fixed in my single player show up and they are all locked. I've even had the same message play from 2 different glitches. So I guess you could say my glitches are glitched (bad pun), but really I was wondering if anyone else
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