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  1. you can also easily get them on extinction OSDs
  2. Cirera

    Minimal Requirements for Blue OSD?

    you can even solo it on foot just with weapons
  3. Cirera

    Bug with Lair of the Mask water surface

    yeah, that was not a problem when I posted the bug
  4. Cirera

    Bug with Lair of the Mask water surface

    You can also decide to have them on official, actually that screenshot is from an official server. All bugs exist because how the game is coded Being the current behaviour to consider that you are "flying" in the water doesn't change the fact that this is a bug.
  5. Something is broken with Lair of the mask water, the underwater cave near blue obelisk. If you fly with a griffin inside the cave, you'll produce annoying water ripples everywhere. Also it's impossible to "land" a pelagornis on the water surface, as it just bounces.