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Amanda632's Feedback

  1. kryddsTeR left Positive feedback   

    Nice and easy Trade, very friendly, would trade with her again =)

    Amanda632 was Trading

  2. Hoaxi left Positive feedback   

    Great person to trade with. Was kind and easy to trade with! Look forward to trading in the future

    Amanda632 was Trading

  3. wolfbastion left Positive feedback   

    As always.. smoothless and awsome trade :) hope to see you

    Amanda632 was Trading

  4. ikliD left Positive feedback   


    Amanda632 was The Seller

  5. DVyse left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Fast trade without any problems.

    Amanda632 was Trading

  6. Snowwy left Positive feedback   

    Traded full grown mutated bears for full grown mutated thylas, came to my server to trade, will do more trades in the future for sure, very happy, thanks a lot :)

    Amanda632 was Trading

  7. Dejo left Positive feedback   

    Very nice girl easy and fast trade =) recommended trader

    Amanda632 was The Seller

  8. Malenda left Positive feedback   

    The trade was easy, very efficient, very fast etc...

    Amanda632 was Trading

  9. spangled left Positive feedback   

    Super trader. Patient with me through some bad weather that rolled through. Kept up communication. Quick and painless trade once we met up. Would trade with again any day.

    Amanda632 was Trading

  10. Drakkenn1707 left Positive feedback   

    Trade was fun and she had some very beautiful mutations i cant wait too add them to my collection I can't wait for our future trades :) recommend

    Amanda632 was The Seller

  11. Schelmixi left Positive feedback   

    Super nice trader and great trade. Hope for more trades in the future :)

    Amanda632 was Trading

  12. Shangalar left Positive feedback   

    Good trader, recommended, easy to deal with !

    Amanda632 was Trading

  13. JetJaguar left Positive feedback   

    Easy to deal with, great communication, fast trade! A+

    Amanda632 was The Seller

  14. Seven777 left Positive feedback   

    amazing fast trade, doing future trades also! great buyer/seller

    Amanda632 was The Seller

  15. Nina left Positive feedback   

    Super nice and made the trade simple and quick!

    Amanda632 was Trading

  16. Schelmixi left Positive feedback   

    Super nice person and a really smooth trade. Hope we trade again soon ^-^

    Amanda632 was Trading

  17. ikliD left Positive feedback   

    5 stars, smooth nice trade

    Amanda632 was Trading

  18. Teerwenn left Positive feedback   

    Quick Courteous and will likely do business Again :)

    Amanda632 was The Seller

  19. Nudelkocher left Positive feedback   

    fast, easy and great trade, recommended! Always again

    Amanda632 was Trading

  20. Scotty8319 left Positive feedback   

    Another quick and problem free trade with Amanda. She knew exactly what she wanted and had payment ready to go within minutes! Highly recommended and looking forward to more trades in the future. :)

    Amanda632 was Trading

  21. Snowwy left Positive feedback   

    Traded a mutated red saber for a mutated white saber, she even came to my server for the trade. Highly recommended, thanks again!! :)

    Amanda632 was Trading

  22. Skorpion89 left Positive feedback   

    Very nice and friendly ark trader, good communication. Would trade definitely again.

    Amanda632 was Trading

  23. Kahlan2255 left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Cross-ARK Item Trading and Breeding
    Great transaction with great communication

    Amanda632 was The Seller

  24. pixelated13 left Positive feedback   

    great trader 10/10 animals thank you

    Amanda632 was The Seller

  25. Snowwy left Positive feedback   

    Did a second trade, mutation for mutation, LOVE my new theriz, thanks for the trade! :)

    Amanda632 was Trading

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