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  1. Venomoth, obviously. Wildcard is banking on the success of Pokemon GO, I wonder if we'll see the elusive yellow electric badger mouse? Now if you'll excuse me I need to go jump three fences, break into my neighbors house, sneak into their pool where there's a SWEET magicarp just waiting to be pokeballed.
  2. desert moths are pretty common, there are actually a lot of insects in the desert. Several of them are nocturnal, like moths. Seems like they might be shipping this new Noctrunal mechanic they're introducing with the Baryonyx, of course they could throw moths' nocturnal nature right out the window. now we just need a seriously gnarly terantula.
  3. made even creepier by the fact that they are both naked
  4. obviously, It's a Skeksis. does this mean we are getting tasty elves too? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skeksis
  5. now you guys will have to add more fish and give us something to do with the fish we catch.... Aquarium anyone?
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