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  1. ya i tried this independant of mods too, i'm gonna use a test server and change the server IRL date see if they stay. i even restored them and quickly put them in new cryofridges and still within about 5min they all died
  2. I am posting this here as a general comment about the cryopods to see if others have had this issue and or let others know. I already filled out a bug report so please don't move this post. I seem to have found a bug with cryopods. Recently, we had a player who had to leave for an extended period of time, months. In november 2020, I setup a tek gen and tek shield to protect his base and put all his dinos in cryopods and in cryofridges. There was thousands of element and the tekgen and tek shield never went down. He recently came back last weekend on the 19th of March. Where his
  3. I guess you mean well but i'm assuming you didn't actually READ anything that was written.
  4. Ya, I did have most of them do the above suggestions but for some reason there were still a couple that it wouldn't update, maybe they were lazy and didnt want to re-download all the mods. Anyway I am aware of the multi-steam account issue except that doesn't explain it happening to myself and it only be s+ and only happening and pretty widespread by the comments on the workshop since the March 7 update. Plenty other mod updates come around we haven't had it to this degree. Usually theres 1-2 in our group but this was pretty significant chunk. Lots of tickets about it, lol.
  5. Any idea why Structures Plus Mod updates are not getting pushed out correctly to clients? Takes multiple steam restarts and have had to even send players the files manually as steam never pushes the client side update. I run large cluster, plus host for streamers and this has been a nightmare the last week the last few updates from Structures plus are NOT getting pushed out to clients consistently. We have had to go as far as manually zipping up the files and sending them to clients and steam never pushes it to some people no matter how many restarts. This has affected people from
  6. yes that should be fine. One thing to note is that I would personally avoid 2 CORE cpu's. Make sure you check actual cores vs threads which may be shown as 2/4. The reason is that there have been issues in the past regarding Unreal Engine and 2 core systems. 4 or more cores, most i5's are 4 cores. The 2 you mentioned the i5-4590t would be the better option. the i3 is only 2 core. i'd prob make sure to have 8gb of ram as an absolute minimum. You really want 12gb+. If the system runs out of ram ARK won't accept "swap files" and will cause a Unreal Engine Crash. Some mods can real
  7. I've got bit of odd situation, WMI Provider Host started sucking up CPU cycles sometime in the last 24hr. After some googling and digging I found the event Log for WMI-Activity is full of Errors and this appears to be the problem. All the errors are tied to ARK Server Process IDs. I'm not entirely sure what's up with this, but maybe a patch in the last 24 hours borked something. What little googling has told me is that this is a application problem not a server problem per se. WMI Provider Host basically sucked up all available cpu resources until I set it's affinity to 1 thread and
  8. If you are on a private server contact your server admins ask them to make a special backup so that things could be recovered if necessary.
  9. it is related to something in that area of 44/71. I'm admin on a private cluster and anyone who goes NEAR that area gets kicked and can't log back in.
  10. EGS Client Favorites list Has anyone figured out where the Favorites for EGS ARK Clients is stored if its in an ini file somewhere? I suspect it is, but i haven't had any luck finding where.
  11. ARK Steam Workshop down/broken? So myself and none of the players I currently have on my modded cluster are able to subscribe to any mods from the Steam Workshop, it also doesn't show us as subscribed to any mods that we are Subscribed to. Is this a Steam outage, some weird no ARK bug or Aliens? Also, I am aware of some problem with ARK Workshop IDs being too long now and that it could cause problems. Recently posted in the ARK Modders Discord by @ZenRowe Not sure if related or if they are working on it and broke mods but just throwing it out there.
  12. Building Prevention area where it shouldn't be. Crystal Isles Map, building is blocked where I dont think it should be. 53.7/18.2. See attached SS, can't build past that area towards the beacon light. Server settings do allow building in those areas so that shouldn't be it and its a HUGE area around it. Items show green but won't actually place. EGS Xplay Server no mods. Poor image quality due to size restrictions on this website. Kara's Xplay Crystal Isles x2/5/10 [Cluster] - (v312.13)
  13. Unable to Mount any Flyers Unable to mount any flyers since the update on Extinction server. I tried Pteradons, Tapes, Argens, Wyverns, Snowowls, and Manas. Pressing E does nothing, Gas bags do work. I am the server owner and they did work before the update but now don't. p.s. Crossplay server no mods. p.p.s. I gave gasbags as compensation to my players until it's fixed :).
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