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  1. Does ANYBODY know how to make Nvidia Ansell work?

    1) I am playing a single player game.

    2) I have the latest drivers.

    3) I start the game with Nvidia Ansell.

    4) I am using Alt F2 to open the controls... & many other suggested key combo's from other peeps.

    But... for me... nothing happens. I do not get the ansell controls... nothing happens... nothing.

    So what I am saying is that it doesnt work... So WHAT IS WRONG? I am doing everything that I am supposed to do. So why isnt it working?

    Please do not reply with a smug, 'well it works for me'. That doesn't help...

    Only answer if you have THE ANSWER...


    I wants it baaaaaad...



  2. This is the thumbnail of the video... enjoy


    TheBirds FRONTPAGE2.jpg

  3. Just in case peeps out there are having problems with bird infestations, I made this video... hope this helps... :D... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_4RiD7JydE&t=288s



  4. Just in case peeps out there are having problems with bird infestations, I made this video... hope this helps... :D... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_4RiD7JydE&t=288s



  5. 20170613144325_1.thumb.jpg.a04a6b88f2a5dbeb6635c77451c6c22b.jpgAaaaaahhhh... RAGNAROK...


  6. Here is my most latest ARK video on YouTube... Enjoy... :D


  7. On another note... How are things going in Primitive + ?   

    I want to know because I would love if ALLLLL the bugs were mostly fixed... so I can go back to playing it again....




      Hey is your game like lagging out and crashing and loosing progress

    2. Pendragon


      My game is lagging a bit, but it's not crashing...

      But then I do have a powerful computer...

  8. Hello there everybody. I thought I should show you my YouTube page…

      Where I upload videos on games, for all peeps to view… My latest video is in ARK & it shows a fabulous mod called Pimp My Home & Pimp My Home Building Parts…

    I hope you enjoy…

  9. I am SAD....

    Sad because the private server I was playing on has ended.

    It was always going to happen, but when the time comes... you realise


    20170518111020_1.thumb.jpg.1e572d7eb17c5d51c4f560d7a720555b.jpg just how sad it is. The people you met & forge friendships with... the dino's you tame & love.

    But all good things must come to an end...

    I will leave with fond memories... :D

  10. This MOD has a HUGE problem....

    It is a single player game... so I haven't messed with spawning rates...

    How can this be fixed???


  11. Beautiful isn't she... :Jerbhi:


    1. ThyLazyDragon


      Yes wat a beautiful Wyvern

    2. Pendragon


      Thankyou ThyLazyDragon... :D

      Her green wings are from a mutation... simply fabulous...

      And yes... she is from a MOD, Tameable Alpha's. I tamed her father, mated him, got this beautiful girl & raised her from an egg. She got her mutation from her parents, neither of them are green... But, she is an Alpha Fire Dragon... Funny that she is green, but she is lovely... :D


  12. My beautiful Alpha Fire Dragon that I raised from birth. She is green due to a mutation. The GGFizz server I am playing on has the MOD Alpha's Plus... The modder is also playing on this server & listens to any problems we have... The dragon's green mutation is because of this MOD and is amazing... :Jerblove:

  13. The server I was on is PVE-NA-ScorchedEarth 764. My location was around 25-50. My tribe was called COVEN, my name HEXX.

    As you can see, it is a PVE server, not pvp.

    They apparently came swooping in from another server, kiting rock golems into peoples bases. There were 5-6 bases destroyed by this group of... people...

    My base was one of them. I have been on this server since the beginning. I bought, installed, & played SE the day it was released. I am an avid fan of it & love it & ARK dearly. There are both good & bad people that play, but the issue of invaders is untenable. 

    I am deeply saddened...


  14. Hi there... I love this... Just one thing... I know. I am being annoying... but... Is there a way that this could be used on a second screen. I have 2 screens that I use when playing games, game on 1 screen, other things on the other screen. I can't seem to make Ark Commander go onto my second screen. Am I doing something wrong, or is there a way that I just can't see at the moment????? CHEERS... & keep up the fantastic work
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