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  1. The issue there is the range and depending how far you are away it would be hard to get them to "listen" to attack my target command and actually do that. But honestly if that were me on the receiving end of the dimorph i would just fly down to a giga and tell the giga rider to kill the dimporh any time they went to attack me but I do agree that's been in place and I have seen it work just only works on a case by case scenario that I have seen anyways.
  2. So by your logic its wrong for us pvp to have a voice so Pve people can have there way?? Just asking.....and yes we do change and adopt.
  3. And you choose to play a game mode where the premise is I can do whatever I want but complain when 99% of the time Nerfs and or META changes dont directly affect your game play. Like honestly what nerf on this next patch punishes you (honest question)
  4. I also try to avoid this topic as it just a endless argument but, 1st off PvE you all complain that anytime WC changes or nerfs a dino you are usually the first people to jump in here and say that is ruining your experience. So I will take an old nerf for example.....flyer nerf from way back in the day. So the speed cap on flyers how did that ruin your game in a PvE aspect? Cause you can't fly across the island in 2 seconds? Cause your trying to beat someone to a drop or a wild dino to tame? Cause you cant get materials back and forth as quick as you used too? Lets look at it from a PvP p
  5. Blue Dragon - Baryonyx That is bad ass.......the mana stuffy thing is pretty cool too
  6. Centimeters per sec. Usually when games are made things like distance, speed and scale are usually calculated in the metric system. So for example if a mana dash is a speed rate of 500 cm/s than what they are trying to accomplish is the turrets ability to keep up with the speed.
  7. Before I start I will say that this is hands down on of the best games ever.....seriously. With that being said however and the redwood looks so damn cool we all know that unless you take the day off from work you will never be able to build your base in there at least in PvE. The land claiming that some people (not all) do is kind of ridiculous I got on to play on a PvE on the center map and I saw people where their main base was in the snow north or south but were land claiming most if not all the ruins in the jungles. I cant wait to see the redwood and think it will be bad-ass but
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