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  1. Playing split screen with the younger dinosaur fans like my one of my nieces would be awesome. I mean at least in ark she can’t set everything on fire with flint and steel
  2. I have been playing this game for like 4 years I think. On steam and on Xbox and I would not want a solid wipe. Now I have no problem with wiping and resetting servers that have a below 20-30 person average. Or even doing an a half once a year wipe and reset on some servers. To me wiping and or changing low pop servers to the more popular or new maps is a wise and smart choice. But to take a game like this where long term breeding and building can take FOREVER to just have developers say F you we don’t care about your dedication to our game is just stupid. And i play official pvp mostly. But I also play on a privet netrado server with friend I have made in this game.
  3. I don’t mean fair as in “fair to other players” I mean not fair to not give that opportunity to other wyverns as well.
  4. New wyvern Types We have a frost wyvern and that’s amazing. But what about a swamp wyvern, a desert wyvern, a forest wyvern and a sea/water wyvern??? the Desert Wyvern- looks like the thorny lizard short and stocky could spit sand storm that would steal stamina and damage enemies. Like a normal sandstorm and have the same effects. the swamp wyvern- zombie like decaying with Spanish moss it would breathes purple fog that would Poison and blind some one like the Dilophosaurs the forest wyvern- have antlers and look like Leafs for scales it’s breath would like like tornado of branches from it’s mouth like debris from a tornado. The effect would slow movement also. The sea water wyvern- would look fishlike may or may not be able to fly. Would shoot water out in jets that would damage and drown some one. Having a frost wyvern being the only wyvern that spawns out side a dragon trench is not fair. I love the mechanic and just feel there should be a few more environmental Wyverns based on their respective biomes
  5. God yes freaking hell please!!!! This games glare is so bad. I understand how refraction works but even glare of the dirt ??? Come one the light is ridiculously crazy bad. Give us sunglasses or give us options to fix the bloom and light shafts. Sunglasses could be polymer crystal and black pearls but for god sakes we need to fix this. The glare and light in this game has been a problem since day one!
  6. @Jenwill all of s+ be implemented for single player? What about the people who run nitrado console servers will the full S+ mod be available to use for those servers.
  7. I figured it be would be nice to get to know a little more about every one. So if you wish let’s make an attempt at just that. What platform do you play on: steam and Xbox Whats your favorite map? I love Extinction, Scortched Earth, Aberation and Ragnarok. In that order. The lag kills it on ragnarok. Whats your favorite tames? Thylacoleo, for flyers I love the Snow owl, Argentavis and Wyvern. What about this game do you enjoy most? I love the building (on pc on console it’s broken and needs S+) and the breeding. It’s so fun to tame and try and get the best stats for breeding. Then trying to see what mutation you can get. What do you mostly play PvP or PvE? Mostly I play Official pvp. But I’m getting tired of it and looking for a good pve group to start playing with. What are you looking to do here on the forums? I’m looking to find an unofficial pve server and make some new friends to play ark with.
  8. S+ was promised to console almost over a year ago now. They even hired the mod creator supposedly. I really think some one should start an online petition for people to sign. Some way we have to get the devs to realize we as players want this.
  9. Thank you for keeping us updated. I don’t care if thinks take a while or if updates take longer then expected. What I hate is being left in the dark on a game I’m passionate about. I know in development it’s hard to give a deadline. It’s more important to here we’re woking on ____ and hoping to have it done next spring. Dont Leave your Fanbase in the dark or alienate the people that have love this game.
  10. Do you have a discord group since I tend to dislike Facebook?
  11. The rock drakes and wyverns on Extinction I believe have no nests and are not tamable. Sooo yea sorry
  12. I would love to see them start to clean the game up. Bring the S+ they promised like a year ago to console. Bring life improvements to ark like stackable foundations and triangles to easier build circles on uneven ground. There so many great mods and a massive following for ark on the ps4 and Xbox. I know I would pay for S+ on my Xbox. I love it on pc like the steampunk mod, the stack mod, the narcotics plus, and sooo many more. Fix meshing and duplicating bugs and glitches. There needs to be serious enforcement of the ark code of conduct. I love ark on pc it’s how I fell in love with this game. I play it on Xbox with friends and nieces who don’t have a pc. But I wish they could experience ark like I do.....
  13. I’m hoping the giant owl that was teased about will have some interesting abilities. Something like silent flight or because of super hearing and vision hi-lights things like the tek helmet.
  14. I really enjoy talking to you. You seem knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you again for you input. I have not played ark on pc since I moved, but if I put the tower together I might get on steam and play sometime. 

    1. TheGoodStuff


      haha thanks :) Yeah you should definitely play. 



  16. Hey man looking to make a tribe with with people that wanna game and be friends work as a team of your interested my tag is ZombieP1ague

    1. IronFang


      I just added you on xbox one my gamer tag is L00SESKR3Wz

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