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  1. Original and unique permanent furniture or wall decorations, stuff that Ark is still massively lacking. Anything that allows us to make our bases stand out a little.
  2. Is the OSD drop supposed to wipe your inventory and all in it as well ? I Just lost a 330 giga 1000 melee, a 430 mana, a mantis and a tek set. just as I landed to look around. What kinda screwed up mechanic is that, it boggles the mind.
  3. I hardly do bosses anymore anyways after 100+ times its dull and tedious especially the farming, instead all the Tek usage is isolated to Extinction servers where element is readily available. I suggest that adding tech structures that require fueling should also make the Fuel equally available across different maps. But since Extinction has that as main draw, making it the only server open to element out transfer would retain that special status and make life a lot easier for everyone. Even with a cap on how much per week or per month it would make sense to me at least, as it is now its not worth using tek equipment on normal PVE servers other than the tek generator running tek troughs.
  4. Direct Element Transfer PVE (or from Extinction only) Please allow us to transfer Element from PVE server to PVE server or at very minimum from Extinction servers to the other servers, the chore of having to do bosses on normal servers or convert to dust and back is really getting tedious. I can see the need for this in PVP but little or none in PVE where we often end up primarily using our endgame unlocks on Extinction instead of having the ability to run fullscale on regular servers. And maybe add some new incentives for bosses as well.
  5. Outside the new DLCs coming near Xmas I want no new modes or new servers, but I would like a full map TLC of all the old servers to entice new players maybe replacing the current drops with OSDs that do no destroy structures around them, and other similar features rebalancing the bosses and maybe adding another tek tier or non-tek structure tier, and closing all the logical tech gaps and shortcomings. Plenty of mods out there that can be used to fill in those gaps. If you guys start closing down non legacy PVE servers as well you are going start losing people fast.
  6. oh yes please incorporate the structure saver on official as soon as possible, so I can move my base from server to server without having to redesign.
  7. Mixed PVE/PVP Servers Area Based PVP One of the major gripes I have with PVP in Ark is that I love building and I want to keep and expand on those buildings and not be forced to build for function only as is most wise in PVP. So I suggest adding some servers and testing a system where specific areas of the map have PVP enabled, entice players to venture into those areas with high concentrations of special resources similar to element or better or high loot OSDs. I would also suggest borrowing or using a variant of an old Anarchy Online system for PVP. 100% Suppression Gas Where the gas is 100%, no combat is allowed at all. Although this saves you from other players attacking you, guards of the opposing faction may target and attack you if you get in their range. 75% Suppression Gas In these zones you are allowed to participate in PvE/PvM which is purely against the game. No PvP is allowed. 25% Suppression Gas This is where you can PvP against players of the opposing faction. 5% Suppression Gas Found around Notum Wars Towers, this suppression gas allows PvP against anyone other than your own organisation. 0% Suppression Gas These areas are free for all, irrelevant of side. (Although dependant on pvp level range) A variation of this would make for a great adaptation to Ark, allowing a variance of zones PVP and PVE across the map, with maybe a few major zones like lava island or floaty on center and similar special areas on other maps. This will allow people to expand and maintain large bases safe from PVP loss while still having the optional PVP for resources and fun, instead of being at the whims of other people they would have to seek PVP actively themselves.
  8. Also diagonal gates for roofs and to make more structure design options.
  9. A fully submerged map would make for the most excitement available in Ark, underwater is pretty much the only place that feels scary now at end game.
  10. New character models also and first and foremost a new male face that does not make you wanna throw up, or roll female character instead.
  11. monomania

    Tek binoculars

    Yes Im sick and tired of that tiny hole to see trough, I want a tek set with full screen view for late game.
  12. This I have wanted since day one two separate balance files for PVE and PVP, including element transfers and tributes transfers. Makes sense on PVP no sense at all on PVE
  13. Hope they keep that feature out of the PVE game, and please help people who have been pillaged using this system recently.
  14. Extinction drop/vein lulls Not sure if it is actually a bug, but quite often there are lengthy lulls even when the map is completely cleaned of active Drops and veins that can last for several hours, if its not a bug it is certainly a destructive mechanic when people are trying to have something to do on the map.
  15. About how most of us PVE players feel every time we read something about PVP. But unlike you PVP players we have to suffer every time you guys do something that we in no way played a part in and WC due to lazy game management decides to do a full game nerf or alteration, with same rule sets for both modes. Most of us would I imagine prefer to live in an alternate universe from the PVP crowd and have our own PVE rules.
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