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  1. Huge over-reaction to tek tapes. Tek tapes are only strong when people aren't defending or building properly. Attackers have tried at least 2 tek tape rushes on our server with 50-60+ tapes, both failed miserably because the defenders online were not braindead, and simply countered them. There are already in-game counters for tape zerg, you don't have to nerf tapes into the ground because some people don't use the already existing counters properly.
  2. Titans are not the only reason to build in caves, cave meta is tied closely to mutation breeding since storage of 0/0 dinos on the scale required for PVP is not viable unless they are stored in caves. You either need to radically change the breeding mechanic such that so many 0/0's are not required or add a storage item where you can put a large number of dinos in cryo but still have them be breedable. I'm not sure if all building needs to be disabled in caves, I think removing crouch/choke points or disabling turrets in caves would be enough but that is something to explore. But if you are changing caves, you need to do something to address 0/0 storage.
  3. Unclaiming your parent company over unjustified enforcement... yikes! Good job though, didn't think WC had the balls for something like that. Feels bad for all the people who were so hyped for 25's and now they are just playing on TEA/DSG cluster.
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