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  1. Steam Update System ! Dear Wildcard... Please fix damn update system on steam for ARK... Today i got 3.3 gb patch couple minutes later 9.2gb patch... after that ended the steam decided it will reinstal my whole damn game.... Its not the first time that ocurs... every single bigger patch it happens... Every single other game i own on steam, origin or any other platform... download, install with my internet full speed witchout zero problems.... But when it comes to ark patches my pc is acting like a potato... I tryed every sugestion and fix to that problem i found on google but nothing helped... Changing download region... clearing steam cache etc... I got 3 ssd drives... ARK is on 1tb Samsung 970 evo and on top of that i got 1000mbps internet connection so there should be 0 problems with updates.... And on top of that why the hell 3.3gb patch is reserving 60+gb from a drive ?!
  2. I just really want to know what the fu** is the purpose of such huge patches..... today i got 10gb patch to download and my steam just decided to reinstal whole damn game.... WHY I ASK WHY ????!!! DEVS do something about your game file compression bcs steam just can't handle it... And my game after 3 hours and almost completing whole thing just decided to cancel whole process.... I got 1000mb/s fiber connection and only ssd drives in my pc... all games download in like minutes.... Only ARK is giving me such hard times i just want to lob my pc out of window...
  3. I just hope those structure change will no affect already builded hangar,s bases etc bcs if server diecide to destroy bases mostly those builded on pillars this will be huge kick into balls for peeps who wasted time to gather, craft and build those...
  4. Haha sure i have but still... little disappointed But i can't complain to much i love this game
  5. Why devs ? just why... I was so hyped for Tek stuff today i spend so much time on preeps for this day and u ruined it now we need wait another month >.< that is not fair ;p
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