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  1. I didn't play for some time but i noticed that Scorpions got the collision problems with some structures... like Ramp's and Tilted roofs they sink in them and sometimes they are unable to even use normal ramps... Same with them laying eggs... they seems to lay eggs normaly on normal grounds and such but leaving them on structures seems to delay that process... i waited almost 4 days to scorpions lay any eggs... DEVS Plz fix the collision problem thou
  2. I just hope those structure change will no affect already builded hangar,s bases etc bcs if server diecide to destroy bases mostly those builded on pillars this will be huge kick into balls for peeps who wasted time to gather, craft and build those...
  3. Haha sure i have but still... little disappointed But i can't complain to much i love this game
  4. Why devs ? just why... I was so hyped for Tek stuff today i spend so much time on preeps for this day and u ruined it now we need wait another month >.< that is not fair ;p
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