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  1. Myself and my 2 daughters are looking for another active person to join our tribe on a dedicated server on The Center.  We have a few more members but 3 of them are inactive.  One of them just joined, but really unsure that he'll be the kind of person for the tribe. (He didn't even take time to name his character) And the last one we have is very productive and a nice guy. 

    We have a great location in some ruins with metal, oil, and pearls nearby.  The Server we're on is PvE and every other weekend it's PvP.  No one has ever been wiped, and we're allied with the 2 most powerful tribes on the server.

    If you're interested just let me know.



    1. Livetodietoday


      Hi everybody! We have wiped out Center Map and are now looking for friendly ppl to join us! We do have events such as find the random colored Dino, fighting Arenas for pets as well as humans and rewards to winners of contests there will be choices to choose from. Also there aren't much rules as in you will be punished however just stay away from bases in metal spawns. If any suggestiona for other games for activities just message me. 

      1.0 Difficulty

      5.5x Taming, XP

      5.5x Harvesting

      1.0x Dino Food Consumption

      1.6x Dino Damage

      0.6x Egg Laying/Mating

      5.5x Egg Incubation/Maturation

      0.6x Food/Water Consumption

      1.5x Night Cycle

      0.7 Day Cycle

      Custom Recipes allowed

      If all that sounds good then give me a message at gamertag Livetodietoday and we will set you up to be able to join server at anytime 24/7

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