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  1. I get this every time when logging in to a modded server, seems the load time for the mods means that it seems as if no traffic so I get kicked. Something has changed recently as this did not happen all the time before to the same server. Once in and playing I am fine.
  2. Lots of work gone into the custom drops, dino spawns, all DLC dinos availability, special crystal dinos only available on Crystal isles, reasonable rates without being OP. Also Brutal dino mod on Fjordur map for those that want a challenge, time for the creatures to rise up and get their own back. I reccomend this to anyone that doesnt like Tek, back to the simple days of early ARK.
  3. Im disappointed in the disabling of the PVE wafare, people seem to forget why it came out in the first place. People wanted the chance to have tournaments, dino fights, small localised fights, even limited time tribe wars. This allowed that with people outside your tribe and at the time of release was given an overwhelming thumbs up for addressing something that PVE'rs wanted. I understand the griefing that has happened recently, and also that it needs to be addressed. If this is a temporary fix then okay, but longer term would still like to see the warfare in place, but with some new safeguard added such as suggested that allies have to opt in or they are not included.
  4. Still loving the map, so much to do on here and places to explore. Have the map extension on so also Rock drakes etc and the explorer notes.
  5. Playing on this server, very friendly people, rates not super high (x2) and no stack mod so don't expect it to be super easy, but that adds to the sense of enjoyment when you accomplish something. Definitely recommend this server for those that like a challenge but not the huge grind to sustain. Also immersive taming is awesome, how ARK should be.
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